Jan 10 2012

#255 Less is More (10)

From a stranger in Australia

Courtesy of 247wallstreet.com, here are the top ten time wasters of the average employee. For more information about how often people spend goofing off in the work place, click here. Hmmm… you’re not at work right now are you?

Top 10 workplace time-wasters.

1. Social Networking
2. Online Games
3. Personal Emails
4. Using Portals
5. Instant Messaging
6. Fantasy Football
7. Pornography
8. Videos/Movies
9. Random Online Searching
10. Online Shopping


Aug 18 2011

#110 “The wolf that should be working”

From Grace in Chattanooga, TN

You may or may not be surprised to hear that a great number of illustrations that find their way to Wolves by Strangers are printed on Post-It Notes. Why the seemingly unusual choice of canvas? Well, simply put, I believe this reflects that many contributors to this project are participating during regular work hours, when Post-It Notes are perhaps the most accessible and convenient canvas.

This wolf in particular supports this theory, for on the back side of the illustration is a note which reads, “The wolf that should be working.” Now, I am not here to take a position on productivity in the work place. Overall, I try to take a balanced perspective, supporting the view that diversions and occasional breaks are necessary for productivity but also that work is a time for just that: work. In the end, I’ll take any wolves I can, whether they were drawn on “company time” or not, and in the end, I must say that I am pleased that so many individuals have chosen participation in Wolves by Strangers as a way to escape the monotony of the work day.

Incidentally, I was inspired by this picture to do a little research on workplace productivity. In doing so, it wasn’t long before I found the picture below on a website called The Campus Socialite. Enjoy!