Feb 26 2012

#302 Awareness (26)

From a stranger in Hertfordshire, England

Today’s Link: Wolf Talk Educational Programs (Massachusetts)

“Many years ago wolves roamed and hunted the land freely.  Today this beautiful and elusive animal has become endangered, some have vanished forever from the places they called home.

The disappearance of these great creatures of the wild is not a mystery.  Man, out of unfounded fears and misunderstanding, has falsely accused and persecuted the wolf almost to the point of oblivion.  This, combined with the reduction of the wolves natural habitat due to the expansion of urban areas, has left the future of the wolf hanging in the balance.

Our Goal: The wolf, like all living things, plays an important role in our ecology.  It is our goal at Wolf Talk to restore the wolf to the American wilderness.  The best place to start is through education.  The time to start is NOW!”