Oct 29 2011

#182 “Instinctual”

From a stranger in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If I’ve learned anything over the past six months, it’s that Canadians really do know their way around a wolf. A love for the lobo seems almost to be inborn within them. It is innate to their citizens as a whole. It is natural for those born upon Canada’s fertile soils to naturally be in tune with this creature of the wilderness.

Need proof? Just take a look at this illustration from a stranger in Toronto. This man is so at one with the wolf that his hand naturally forms the distinctive lines of the creature even when he is not looking at the paper on which he is drawing. It’s almost as if he is a wolf-Jedi of sorts. Just as Luke used The Force on board the Millennium Falcon to deflect the laser beams with the blast shield on his helmet down, so too does this intuitive artist use the spirit of the lupine to guide his hand in its fluid formations.

It’s a beautiful thing really, but then again, we shouldn’t expect anything less when we consider the power that true unity with the wolf can bring.

And remember…

“Luminescent beings we are. Not this crude matter.”   ~ Yoda