Dec 13 2011

#227 “Stars”

From Melody in Brooklyn, New York

Lots of wolf illustrations feature a nighttime scene consisting of either a lush forest or desert promontory combined with a bright, beautiful moon romantically placed overhead. Few pictures, however, focus on a beautiful accompaniment of twinkling stars quite like that of our friend Melody in New York. Placed soothingly above like a soft blanket of candles, these stars cast a peaceful light upon the lupine subject of this illustration that is calming and perhaps even a little sentimental. There’s a stillness and sense of quietude here that causes a hushed reverence to fall upon me as I look at this picture.

After spending some time with the illustration, I discovered that it reminded me of a song by a husband/wife duo known as The Weepies who produce music with a tone that seems similar to that of this picture. The music by the singer/songwriter duo is best described as tender, emotional, and nostalgic. In the end, I think there’s no better accompaniment for this tranquil work of art.

To see Melody’s website, click here.