Mar 31 2012

#336 Music Month (31)

From Ashley in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Although this post does not feature an original wolf illustration from a stranger, this classic LP was a recent gift from a friend who discovered the WBS project and was kind enough to purchase this album for me at a local thrift shop. I simply couldn’t resist posting it as the last installment in March 2012: Music Month.

Today’s Song/Video: The language and music of the Wolves
(narrated by Robert Redford)

Mar 30 2012

#335 Music Month (30)

From Jarrod

Today’s Song/Video: “Running with the Wolves” by Cloud Cult

Mar 29 2012

#334 Music Month (29)

From Eva in Phoenix, Arizona

Today’s Song/Video: “Hungry like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

Mar 28 2012

#333 Music Month (28)

 From Paige in Phoenix, Arizona

Today’s Song/Video: “In the Year of the Wolf” by Motorhead

Mar 27 2012

#332 Music Month (27)

 From CDS

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves” by Kittie
(This song was suggested by Autumn via facebook. Thanks, Autumn.)

Mar 26 2012

#331 Music Month (26)

From Shannon

Today’s Song/Video: “You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf
(featuring clips from various Harry Potter films)

Mar 25 2012

#330 Music Month (25)

From a stranger in Spokane, Washington
(via a postcard featuring the Utah State Capitol)

Today’s Song/Video: “Someone’s in the Wolf”
by Queens of the Stone Age

Mar 24 2012

#329 Music Month (24)

 From Bryan in Socorro, New Mexico

Today’s Song/Video: “In The Company of Wolves” by Incubus

Mar 23 2012

#328 Music Month (23)

 From Ol’ Bird in St. Louis, Missouri

Today’s Song/Video: “Werewolf Blues” by Guana Batz

Mar 22 2012

#327 Music Month (22)

 From a stranger in Harrogate, Tennessee

Today’s Song/Video: “The Wolf Hour” by Hunting Lodge

Mar 21 2012

#326 Music Month (21)

 From ALH in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Song/Video: “Start Over” by MC Frontalot

Mar 20 2012

#325 Music Month (20)

From Deborah

Today’s Song/Video: “Run With the Wolf” by Rainbow

Mar 19 2012

#324 Music Month (19)

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Today’s Song/Video: “Crying Wolf: Le Chant De Loup” by Enya

Mar 18 2012

#323 Music Month (18)

From David in Siauliai, Lithuania

Today’s Song/Video: “Six Wolves” by Let’s Buy Happiness

Mar 17 2012

#322 Music Month (17)

 From Joel

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves at Night” by Manchester Orchestra

Mar 16 2012

#321 Music Month (16)

From a stranger in Virpi, Finland

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolfpack” by Syd Barret

Mar 15 2012

#320 Music Month (15)

 From Steven in London

Today’s Song/Video: “Killer Wolf” by Danzig

Mar 14 2012

#319 Music Month (14)

 From Gracie in Chattanooga, Tennessee
(the artwork comes courtesy of a friend of Gracie’s)

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves” by Rachel Brooke

Mar 12 2012

#317 Music Month (12)

 From Missy

Today’s Song/Video: “The Wolves” by Ben Howard

Mar 11 2012

#316 Music Month (11)

 From Virpi in Finland

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves” by Josh Ritter