Aug 25 2011

#117 “Wolf Call”

From Cody in Jacksonville, Florda

Illustrations of wolves howling at the moon are nothing new to me, but I have to admit that this picture did take me back a little bit, and ultimately I am still scratching my head. It wasn’t necessarily the play on the words “wolf call” (printed next to the original picture) which caused my brow to furrow with curiosity; it was more about the formatting of the illustration, itself. As you can see from the picture above, the canvas used for this piece of artwork is actually a piece of styrofoam shaped vaguely like a telephone. And to top it off, when the illustration found its way to the WBS post office box, it was in the form of a photocopy of piece of this styrofoam artwork. Since the styrofoam does not necessarily appear too large or cumbersome to fit into a standard sized envelope, I can only imagine that the illustrator wanted to keep this fine piece of artwork for himself (which is perfectly fine).

And finally, another enigma that plagues me is related to the “Verizon” label written at the bottom of the telephone. From what I can tell, the word has been changed to something that looks similar to “Lizrizon,” but I can’t tell for sure. Who is Liz? What is her relation to Cody? Are these two individuals involved in an illicit office romance at a Verizon store local in the the greater Jacksonville, Florida area? I’m not sure, but I would certainly like to know.

So, Cody, if you’re out there, pick up your wolf phone and give me a call. I’m “in the network.”