Oct 14 2011

#167 “You can’t fight true love”

From Emily in Signal Mountain, Tennessee

A few days ago…

I stood just inside the doorway to our kitchen, next to the counter where I always drop my keys and wallet as I come in from work. Carefully, I opened the large manilla envelope with a small carving knife and slid out the picture, paying special attention not to tear or even crease it. At that same moment I heard the back door open again as my wife walked inside. She settled her purse in its usual spot on the counter, walked up behind me, and wrapped her hands around my waist. Placing her chin on my shoulder and peering over, she asked, “What’s that? Another picture?”

Somewhat absently,¬†without even looking up,¬†I muttered, “Yeah, I just got it today.”

“Oh. That’s cool. What do you think it means?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I guess it means… Well, I guess it means that you can’t fight true love.”

“That seems about right,” she said. And then added, “Kind of like us.”

“Yeah… Kind of like us.” Suddenly an unexpected smile spread across my face.

And with that she kissed me on the cheek and walked into the bedroom to change clothes.


Without question, being in love has its ups and downs. At times it can feel like life’s greatest blessing, but it also has the potential to seem like a cruel joke. But high or low, good times or bad, when you fall in love… you just know it. You can’t fight it.

Thanks for the reminder, Emily. I know you’re still young, but someday I hope you find a love that makes you feel passionately and wonderfully alive (at least most of the time). Never settle for anything less. You’re worth it.