Feb 27 2012

#303 Awareness (27)

From a stranger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Link: TWIN (Wisconsin)

“Timber Wolf Information Network is a Not-For-Profit Organization dedicated to disseminating information on wolves and wolf ecology. Given the emotions that embroil wolf conservation, the founding members decided to focus on providing information as unbiased as possible, enabling individuals to make up their own minds. It’s specifically written in our Mission Statement. Our non-profit status is based on remaining solely educational and non-political. As such the TWIN Board rarely provides comments on government or other NGO viewpoints or activities. We base our position and our educational efforts on science, not opinion.”

Feb 12 2012

#288 Awareness (12)

From Mariah

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably all of you), Mariah was the very first individual to ever submit a picture to WBS. Her original submission can be seen all the way back at #2. Thanks so much for the support, Mariah. The gift of your artwork means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Timber Wolf Preservation Society

Here’s a part of the TWPS Mission Statement:

“If wolves and other native species are to make any kind of comeback, it is necessary for the public to understand and appreciate the predator/prey relationship for the balance of nature.  It is to this end that the society is working.  We believe that a large part of the reason for the wolf’s endangered status is due to widespread misunderstanding concerning its nature and place in the environment.  Through lectures to schools, civic and sportsman groups and media interviews, the society hopes to dispel false notions and past myths about the wolf and to instill a sense of value for a missing part of our wilderness areas.”