May 13 2011

#13 “Inked”

From a stranger in San Diego, California.

In my postings thus far I have not divulged any personal information about myself other than a few childhood memories and whatever information can be gained from my nonsensical and verbose philosophical ramblings. This picture, however, inspires me to reveal one small detail about my identity: I have no tattoos. Not a single one. This is not a groundbreaking revelation, but it is a true one.

What might be slightly more interesting, though, is despite the fact that I personally don’t have any tattoos on my own body, I am absolutely enamored by tattoos on other people. I find it especially fascinating when someone has dedicated his/her entire body to serve as a true canvass for self expression. When I reflect upon the individuals whose tattoos inspire and intrigue me, I often think of Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kat Von D, John Mayer, Tim Commerfort of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, Nikki Sixx, and Trace Cyrus.*

This idea is partially why I am so taken with this particular wolf illustration. I not only admire the artist’s willingness to use the entire figure of the wolf as a canvass for artistic expression, but it is also the skill with which this is accomplished that is astounding. No space on the creature’s body is left barren or naked. No detail is spared; every inch is embellished and appreciated. In my mind, this symbolically expresses the complexity and all-encompassing beauty of the wolf. Every aspect of the animal is intriguing. It is not just the face, the eyes, the silhouette; it is every part of the creature: from the tip of the tail to razor-sharp point of each claw.

Bravo, stranger from San Diego. Bravo.

*My appreciation for a celebrity’s tattoo is not necessarily an endorsement of any other aspect of that individual.