Dec 13 2011

#227 “Stars”

From Melody in Brooklyn, New York

Lots of wolf illustrations feature a nighttime scene consisting of either a lush forest or desert promontory combined with a bright, beautiful moon romantically placed overhead. Few pictures, however, focus on a beautiful accompaniment of twinkling stars quite like that of our friend Melody in New York. Placed soothingly above like a soft blanket of candles, these stars cast a peaceful light upon the lupine subject of this illustration that is calming and perhaps even a little sentimental. There’s a stillness and sense of quietude here that causes a hushed reverence to fall upon me as I look at this picture.

After spending some time with the illustration, I discovered that it reminded me of a song by a husband/wife duo known as The Weepies who produce music with a tone that seems similar to that of this picture. The music by the singer/songwriter duo is best described as tender, emotional, and nostalgic. In the end, I think there’s no better accompaniment for this tranquil work of art.

To see Melody’s website, click here.


Dec 2 2011

#216 “Far Out”

From Trine in Denmark

My first illustration from Denmark! And what a beautiful piece of artwork it is. To tell the truth, my first impression of this illustration is that it may as well have come from outer space. While I’m a little ashamed to admit it, I must say that Denmark is a place that is a bit of a mystery to me. It is nearly as foreign as a distant planet or star; in fact, it may even be more mysterious since I am able to look on the stars with my own eyes every night and I have never truly seen the country of Denmark.

Is this what the artist of this piece had in mind? Am I just as mysterious to him as he is to me? Or is there another theme at play here? Perhaps this work is designed to call attention to the “universal” nature of the wolf and the illustration is a commentary on how the creature is able to permeate all time and space. Maybe it is an editorial about the fact that this world is no longer home to the wolf since this earth has been overrun with man and the machines he creates. But then again, maybe it’s just a cool picture of a wolf in outer space….. you know…. since wolves love the moon so much.

On a related note, it’s interesting to consider how the concept of space is something that is comforting to some and a bit disturbing to others. For a few, the concept of the vastness of space is frightening because its incomprehensible nature. It is a cold and lonely place devoid of emotion. To others, though, this otherworldly realm is one full of adventure and possibilities. It really is the final frontier, and as such, it offers limitless possibilities.

For me, the expansiveness of space is neither and both at the same time. It’s a bit frightening to realize that there is a great unknown universe above me, but at the very same time the idea of escaping from this world and leaving all of its trappings behind couldn’t be more attractive.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with a lullaby that my mother sang to me when I was young and which I was reminded of when I saw this illustration from this generous stranger in Denmark.

The New Moon

Oh, Mother, how pretty
The moon looks tonight
She was never so cunning before
Her two little horns
Are too sharp and so bright
I hope they’ll not grow any more.

If I was up there
With you and the moon
We’d rock in it nightly, you see.
We’d sit in the middle
And hold to both ends
Oh, what a fine cradle ‘twould be!

We’d call to the stars
To get out of our way
‘Lest we should rock over their toes
And there we would stay
‘Til the dawn of the day
And see where the pretty moon goes.