Apr 9 2012

#345 “Forest Avenue”

A few days ago I received an email which contained a link to a new demo from an up and coming local band called “Forest Avenue.” I must admit that up until this time hadn’t caught any of the band’s live performances or even sought out a avenue through which to experience their unique sound, but I’d heard their name dropped by local hipsters and audiophiles who labeled them as the triumphant voice of a generation devoid of intellectual musical heroes and I’d read about them in a number of underground publications which hailed their music as “enigmatic,” “haunting,” and even “soul-stirring.”

While the track posted here (entitled “The Wolf”) lacks the refinement and polish of a professionally produced studio recording, the band’s lead singer and guitarist both informed me that this rough cut is not only intentionally raw but also highly symbolic of the song’s focus and message. It seems that the powerful delivery of the verse, when combined with the subtly mournful and ever evolving chorus, creates a dichotomy that is representative of the wolf itself. It is a creature defined by both savagery and softness, aggression and solitary anguish. And this idea was melded into the song’s construction and performance. This composition, which focuses on the pack mentality vs. the inner yearning for freedom, and which presents themes revolving around the frustrations and trials that accompany of the coming of adulthood, is not just about the wolf, however. It’s about the inner lupine spirit inside all of us: the caged wolf that yearns to run free.

In an age in which mass-produced pop music is so candy-coated that the sweetness turns your stomach, this track serves as a healthy dose of raw meat. At first it may be a shock to your system, but once you’ve developed a taste for it, you’ll crave nothing else…

(Oh… I feel like I must apologize for the lack of an original wolf illustration today, but since the guys in the band informed me that this song was partially inspired by the WBS project, I figured it was close enough…)

Apr 3 2012

#339 “Space Oddity”

From GMR in Phoenix, Arizona

Since May 1st, 2011, probably as many as a dozen illustrations have been posted on this site which feature the image of a wolf in space or operating some type of flying vehicle. While at first this concept might strike the viewer as strange, it actually makes perfectly good sense. Just as man has for centuries peered into the deepest reaches of space and longed to test the boundaries of the universe, so too does the wolf seem to gaze up at the lonesome moon and cry out with a sort of wistful yearning. And while our hopes and dreams might not be tied together as intimately as we might imagine, the truth of the matter is that that bright, enticing orb which rules the nighttime sky calls to all of us in some mysterious way…

Mar 31 2012

#336 Music Month (31)

From Ashley in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Although this post does not feature an original wolf illustration from a stranger, this classic LP was a recent gift from a friend who discovered the WBS project and was kind enough to purchase this album for me at a local thrift shop. I simply couldn’t resist posting it as the last installment in March 2012: Music Month.

Today’s Song/Video: The language and music of the Wolves
(narrated by Robert Redford)

Mar 30 2012

#335 Music Month (30)

From Jarrod

Today’s Song/Video: “Running with the Wolves” by Cloud Cult

Mar 29 2012

#334 Music Month (29)

From Eva in Phoenix, Arizona

Today’s Song/Video: “Hungry like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

Mar 28 2012

#333 Music Month (28)

 From Paige in Phoenix, Arizona

Today’s Song/Video: “In the Year of the Wolf” by Motorhead

Mar 27 2012

#332 Music Month (27)

 From CDS

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves” by Kittie
(This song was suggested by Autumn via facebook. Thanks, Autumn.)

Mar 26 2012

#331 Music Month (26)

From Shannon

Today’s Song/Video: “You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf
(featuring clips from various Harry Potter films)

Mar 25 2012

#330 Music Month (25)

From a stranger in Spokane, Washington
(via a postcard featuring the Utah State Capitol)

Today’s Song/Video: “Someone’s in the Wolf”
by Queens of the Stone Age

Mar 24 2012

#329 Music Month (24)

 From Bryan in Socorro, New Mexico

Today’s Song/Video: “In The Company of Wolves” by Incubus

Mar 23 2012

#328 Music Month (23)

 From Ol’ Bird in St. Louis, Missouri

Today’s Song/Video: “Werewolf Blues” by Guana Batz

Mar 22 2012

#327 Music Month (22)

 From a stranger in Harrogate, Tennessee

Today’s Song/Video: “The Wolf Hour” by Hunting Lodge

Mar 21 2012

#326 Music Month (21)

 From ALH in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today’s Song/Video: “Start Over” by MC Frontalot

Mar 20 2012

#325 Music Month (20)

From Deborah

Today’s Song/Video: “Run With the Wolf” by Rainbow

Mar 19 2012

#324 Music Month (19)

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Today’s Song/Video: “Crying Wolf: Le Chant De Loup” by Enya

Mar 18 2012

#323 Music Month (18)

From David in Siauliai, Lithuania

Today’s Song/Video: “Six Wolves” by Let’s Buy Happiness

Mar 17 2012

#322 Music Month (17)

 From Joel

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolves at Night” by Manchester Orchestra

Mar 16 2012

#321 Music Month (16)

From a stranger in Virpi, Finland

Today’s Song/Video: “Wolfpack” by Syd Barret

Mar 15 2012

#320 Music Month (15)

 From Steven in London

Today’s Song/Video: “Killer Wolf” by Danzig

Mar 12 2012

#317 Music Month (12)

 From Missy

Today’s Song/Video: “The Wolves” by Ben Howard