Dec 17 2011

“Fan Page Contest!”

Dear wolf-loving friends,

In an effort to try to increase the fanbase of the “Wolves by Strangers,” I have designed a small contest for the month of December.

Here’s the deal: The facebook fan of the project who supplies the most new fans to the “Wolves by Strangers” facebook page during this month will receive the t-shirt of his/her choice from (purchased by me, of course) and will receive one sticker for each new fan that they supply. So, start spreading the word about WBS to your friends, and get them to like the page.

How will I know that you are responsible for bringing a new fan? Just have your referee(s) email me to let me know that they were referred by you, or email me yourself when a friend that you referred likes the page.

Get your friends, family-members, and coworkers on board. Let the contest begin!

If you haven’t become a fan of “Wolves by Strangers” on facebook, I would love it if you did so!


Contact info:


Nov 17 2011

Oct./Nov. Contest: Free Wolf T-Shirt!

That’s right, friends. It’s time for another WBS contest, and this time the stakes are higher than ever.

The winner of this contest will receive the t-shirt of his/her choice from the fantastic selection at You can see all of their unbelievable t-shirts here.

The contest will run for all snail mail and email submissions between Oct. 24 and Nov. 24, 2011. All you have to do is send in your illustration with a valid return address. Works will be judged based upon creativity, originality and general awesomeness, and the winner will be revealed on Thanksgiving Day. This contest is available to domestic as well as international contributors.

Good Luck to All!

See the Contact/Submit! page for snail mail and email addresses.

(Check below to see just  a few of the awesome t-shirt designs available at

Nov 11 2011

#195 “Hipster Wolf”

From Amanda in Chattanooga, Tennessee

It’s a strange question as to why hipsters seem to be so drawn to wolves. I suppose that since wolves seem to operate on the fringe of the natural world, hipsters are innately intrigued by their uniqueness and mystery and their unusual combination of loner reputation and deeply social communities.

All of this makes sense until you start to consider the possibility that the average hipster’s interest in the wolf might simply be ironic. In some people’s eyes, the donning of a wolf t-shirt is only reserved for backwoods country bumpkins and southern yokels who are ignorant of more sophisticated fashion trends. The hipster then, in an attempt to show his ability to transcend all societal boundaries and to prove that he exists outside of social norms and expectations, wears the wolf shirt in an attempt to show that he is simply too cool to care about what others might think. And in the end, his ultimate goal is to confound the audience he desperately seeks and to make everyone wonder whether he truly likes wolves or if he could care less about them and just threw on this old t-shirt because he’s “too cool to care.”

But in the end, whether the hipster genuinely appreciates the wolf or whether he simply endorses the creature out of a narcissistic and self-indulgent sense of irony doesn’t really matter. In my eyes, every hipster that throws on a wolf t-shirt is bringing about more awareness of the animal whether he intends to or not, and ultimatley this is all that is important to me.

But before I end this post, and before I condemn the hipster too much, I must admit that the entire WBS project was in some ways the result of a semi-ironic wolf t-shirt collection that I started a long while ago in an effort to playfully mortify my fashion-minded wife. It’s true. I can’t deny it. My interest in wolves was at first a little ironic. However, since that time, the spirit of the wolf has truly taken a hold of my heart and mind, and I can now claim my appreciation for the wolf as being truly genuine. I can now proudly say that my love for the lobo is as real as my own flesh and bones and runs as deep as my very blood. And hey, if Wolves by Strangers started with a semi-ironic wolf t-shirt collection, then who knows what can happen to all the other ironic wolf t-shirt wearers.

Finally, in closing I simply have to share this great article in Paste Magazine by Kate Keifer with accompanying photography by Josh Meister entitled “The Evolution of the Hipster.” You can access the article here.

And of course, I can’t forget to thank Amanda for this hilariously topical illustration. Great work, Amanda. I have a feeling that this picture will be the source of some interesting dialogue for lots of readers.

Oct 31 2011

Nov. Contest Video!