Apr 25 2012

#361 “Predator”

From Pierre Nabokov,

Given the traditional yet mysterious association of wolves with sexual predation, it is not entirely surprising that this particular wolf is inquiring about little girls. After taking just a quick glance at the demented look in this creature’s eyes and examining his gaping, fang-filled maw, any individual in his right mind would surely take it upon himself to hide the members of his family that are closest to him in order to protect them from harm… especially his children. Interestingly enough, the human animal, much like the wolf, is a creature that can easily share the same aggression that we witness in this particular illustration. It’s somewhat fitting then that this picture achieves common ground with a recent viral video that touches on this subject. Take a look back at the famous interview with Antoine Dodson, and you’ll see what I mean.

Jan 6 2012

#251 Less is More (6)

From a stranger in reddit-land.

Pedobear is a meme that is meant to be humorous, but he does open the door for discussion about some very important issues. The facts below come courtesy of RAINN.org (RAINN = Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). Please know that I appreciate the comical aspects of the picture but that these statistics are offered with serious (and not sarcastic) intent.

44% of sexual assault victims are under the age of 18.

Every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.

60% of sexual assaults are not reported to police.

15 out of 16 rapists never spend a day in jail.

Approx. 65% of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.


Oct 18 2011

#171 “What a Smile!”

From Arantxa in Santa Marta, Colombia

When I was in high school, my circle of friends just happened to also be friends with a man in his mid-30s by the name of Jeff. Because of extensive drug use during his own high school years, Jeff had sustained some serious and permanent brain damage and was forced to take a number of medications in order to keep his moods regulated and his brain functioning somewhat properly. It was actually a very sad story, and in the end it served as a great lesson for all of us to simply leave drugs alone. We had a painfully vivid first-hand account of what they could do to you if things got out of control.

Anyway, as my friends and I grew to know Jeff, one of the most entertaining features of our relationship was the fact that he would share with us stories of his high school sexual escapades and extensive drug use. Many of these stories were wildly improbable and completely depraved, and the simple-minded delivery that Jeff would employ was often just as hilariously astounding as the actual details of the stories themselves. Of course, these anecdotes were entirely inappropriate for us to be listening to, but this fact made them all the more attractive. Also, I know that your Spidey Senses might start tingling when you think about a man almost 20 years older than us telling us stories about sex and drugs, but what you have to realize is that intellectually and socially, Jeff was actually on about the same level as we were. We practically viewed him as a peer, and I am fully convinced that we were never in danger in any way when we were with him. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, his stories often served as a very effective warning for us.

Also, even though Jeff’s stories about his own high school experiences were raunchy and completely immoral, as an adult he was more calm, gentle and caring than any man I had ever met. I never heard him say one cross word to or about another living being, and he was always respectful in the extreme. In fact, when urged to speak about girls or women that he thought were attractive, Jeff would always say the same thing: “She was a real pretty smile.” That was it. After all of his wild adventures, mild-altering trips and sexual conquests, that was all that Jeff had to say about women.

I can still remember being completely shocked but also very impressed by this. There was a simple truth in that statement about a pretty smile that rang true to me, even as a self-asborded teenager. I know it sounds strange, but in a small way Jeff actually taught me a greater respect for women and he instilled within in me the idea that the beauty of a smile was perhaps the most valuable feature that a person could have. Now, as an adult I look around at this materialistic and over sexualized culture that we live in today, and I believe it’s important to return to that simplistic appreciation for a kind and caring smiling.

In the end the reason why I have said all of this is because this beautiful illustration by Arantxa takes me back to that wonderful, youthful appreciation for the smile. Thank you, Arantxa, for the reminder. You could have drawn just about anything: a sexy wolf in lingerie, a savage wolf feeding on a human feast. But no, you chose to focus on a subject of beauty, innocence and kindness, and that is truly what the world needs now.

Never stop smiling, Arantxa. After all, when you get ready to start your day, a smile is the most important thing you can put on.

Jul 3 2011

#64 “A new take on an old story”

From Derek in Goodlettesville, Tennessee

Children’s stories and nursery rhymes often hold a special place in our hearts. Whether these timeless tales revolve around bears and bowls of porridge or dwarves and sleepy princesses, we seem to take comfort in their dependability. While the rest of the world zips by at an amazingly speedy pace and is constantly changing, we can rest in the static nature of these time-honored stories from our youth and use them to transport our minds to a simpler time when heros were always brave and true and good always triumphed over evil.

In turn, though, when one of these classic tales is twisted or altered, it can strike us as shocking, grotesque and deeply disturbing. Take the wolf that is on display today for example. Upon a cursory examination, it may appear to be nothing more than a traditional rendering of The Big Bad Wolf dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. However, the more I examined this picture, the more that I realized that this was not an illustration that is true to the original tale. It is, in fact, a disturbingly twisted perversion.

The first indicator that something is off here is the fruit-adorned hat. Popularized by the sexy Brazillian actress Carmen Miranda in her 1943 film “The Gang’s All Here,” the fruit hat is in many ways a symbol of eroticism. The luscious foods that top the hat are swollen and engorged and speak of desire and temptation. They are sweet and their colors are bright and attention-grabbing. Many of the fruits can be perceived as phallic symbols that send our minds wandering into darkened alleyways of sexual fantasy. When you combine this with the piercing green eyes and seductive grin on the face of this wily wolf, you’ll notice a creature that is bent on abating a hunger that goes deeper than merely filling the belly.

Yes, dear readers, this wolf is an evil seductress capable of inflicting more damage than Jezebel herself. I know it may be tempting to wonder what lies beneath those sheets, but don’t be fooled. Don’t deem yourself morally strong enough to resist the temptation. Take one step nearer and you’ll be caught by those viciously enticing claws in an ever-lasting grip of lupine lust from which you may never return.

The thought of a wolf disguised as a grandmother and hiding in a bed to murder an approaching child is bad enough, but to witness one in the guise of a Chiquita Banana seductress laying in wait with a demonic sexual appetite to prey upon those easily led astray… well, that is an image that will stay with me for a long, long time…

May 10 2011

#10 “Kinky DeWolf”

From Natasia in Alameda, California

Why is it that when I think back to my childhood some of the most sexually charged images that come to mind seem to feature wolves? I know it sounds strange, and I can’t necessarily name a particular character or a certain episode of any specific program, but I can clearly see this image in my mind’s eye: A scantily clad redhead is performing on a stage in a dimly lit theatre. The audience spread out before her is comprised of people smoking cigars, seated at circular tables which are only slightly illuminated by small yellow lamps in the center, the glow of which is faint and sexy.

There in the back of the theatre a cartoon wolf appraises the scene. He notices the woman on the stage. Perhaps she winks at him. At that moment, the most hyperbolic of all reactions simultaneously overtake the wolf. He begins shaking and running in place. His tongue droops heavily from between his fanged teeth while his eyes bolt sharply from their sockets. Then, after a brief moment of composure is regained, a howl is released from the lungs of the creature that signifies a deep sexual longing.

And that’s all. That’s the image from my childhood. No plot. No story. Just this one image. I wasn’t even sure if this memory was real or fabricated until I found the additional picture that is featured below. I remember thinking when I was a child that it must be ok for me to watch this; it was a cartoon after all, but it was also overtly sexual, and that meant it was dangerous and taboo.

What I didn’t really pay much attention to at the time, however, was the wolf. Why did the wolf so often seem to be the overt symbol for sexual longing? Was it his wildness? His savagery? His inherent ferocity and lack of restraint?

I’m not sure. But I am surely grateful to Natasia for this illustration that transports me back to such a more innocent albeit confusing time. I love this wolf’s classy yet creepy appearance and his cool but ominous demeanor. And of course, I love the fact that the attention is now directed towards me, the collector of wolf pictures from strangers. It’s a valid question: Have I become the lustful lobo of my youth?