Apr 14 2012

#350 “Great Debate”

From Vashti in London, England

Well, here we are together at post #350. It’s a pretty significant number. In honor the 350th WBS post, I wanted to present something special along with Vashti’s beautiful wolf. After some cursory Googling, I ran across an interesting story that I thought would fit perfectly. Actually, the story is a bit of a two-parter, and it just so happens to present a microcosm of the universal debate over this magnificent but very controversial animal. The first part of the story (from January of this year) details a plan to delist wolves in the state of Wisconsin by increasing their numbers to 35o. The second story is a later development of the first and was just presented just last month. It discusses a proposed wolf hunt in the very same state and focuses on the opposition presented by the Ojibwe Indians who are opposed to the hunt for religious reasons. There are many sides to the story and many individual issues to consider. 350 days after the official launch of wolvesbystrangers.com… Where do you stand?

Story 1: “Wydeven says 350 wolves a Wisconsin goal”

Story 2: “Before Wolves May Be Hunted, Science, Faith and Politics Clash”

Jan 21 2012

#267 Less is More (22)

From a stranger in an unknown place

The idea of the ancient/enduring wolf being outfitted with modern rocket technology led me on an interesting trip around the Internet where I ultimately stumbled upon this interesting fact. It certainly does make your head spin to realize how swiftly times are changing…

“The small chip inside today‚Äôs throwaway musical greeting card has more computing power in it than existed in the entire world prior to 1950.”

~ David D. Thornburg, Ph.D.

Nov 3 2011

#187 “The Amulet”

From a stranger in Roanoke, Virginia

This isn’t the first wolf picture that WBS has received with connections to the fantastically creative world of role-playing games, but it is the first role-playing wolf to be wearing an awesome necklace. Well, to be fair, I’m not sure if this item is so much of a necklace as it is what you might call an amulet. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, an amulet is any item that possesses some sort of supernatural power and aids a hero on his quest. An amulet might take the form of anything from an article of clothing to a special weapon, but a consistent feature of all amulets is their ability to guide, guard or instruct the hero.

What the specific powers of this lupine amulet are, I don’t rightly know. But what I do know is that the whole concept of an amulet can be closely connected with the very idea of the wolf for those who are closely tied to its spirit. Just as this wolf carries with it an amulet for some sort of protective purpose, if we so choose, we may carry the lupine spirit with us to ward away the cares and worries of this world that assail us everyday. For although it might sound silly to carry the soul of a wolf within us, I do believe that a sincere adherence to a simpler, more lupine mindset instead of one bogged down worldly cares and desires can only work to our advantage.

But unlike most amulets (which are usually guarded by dragons or hidden deep within ancient mines), the spirit of the wolf can be accessed at any time by any person who is truly willing to reach out for it. It may not necessarily be easy to hold onto, and for those who are steeped in the worries of this world, it can be difficult to grasp, but it possesses a magical power far greater than any ring, necklace, or sword.

So take hold of the sacred wolven amulet today, and in doing so… take hold of your own destiny. After all, weren’t you meant to play the role of a hero?