Feb 28 2012

#304 Awareness (28)

From Thomas in Austria

Today’s Link: Conservation Northwest

“Conservation Northwest is the premiere group working on recovery of Washington’s wolves. We’ve hosted activist trainings, educational forums for ranchers and landowners, presentations on learning to live with wolves, adding to a reward fund to deter poachers, and monitoring wolf packs across the state.”

Feb 25 2012

#301 Awareness (25)

From Autumn in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Today’s Link: Project Alpha Wolf

“Project Alpha Wolf is the new age of wolf support. Unlike conventional wolf support sites or organizations, we seek to unify wolf enthusiasts worldwide through, facts, humor, and networking. Our goal is to provide followers with up-to-date information while keeping a lighter tone. We want to provide a place like minded individuals can voice their opinion as well as give them an outlet to support wolves in as many ways as possible. As a group we feel that through public education, supporting existing organizations, and a place for some occasional comic relief, we can give the wolves a fighting chance in their struggle to survive.”

Feb 21 2012

#297 Awareness (21)

From Bryan

Today’s Link: Wolf Hollow (Ipswich, MA)

“Wolf Hollow is a non-profit organization established in 1990 to teach people about the importance of the wolf in the wild. Wolf Hollow offers a unique opportunity to view gray wolves in as natural a setting as possible. Come see how they interact with their pack members and live in a social unit very similar to human families.”

Feb 17 2012

#293 Awareness (17)


From a stranger in the Chattanooga area.

Today’s link:

The Searching Wolf is a fantastic website with an incredibly wide range of resources and information for every type of wolf lover. From details pictures of wolf skulls and anatomy to tests and quizzes, if you’re looking for anything wolf-related, you’re sure to find it here. Enjoy!

Feb 13 2012

#289 Awareness (13)

From Matilda in Australia

Wolf Park (Indiana):

Mission Statement – “Wolf Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and behavioral research which benefits wolves and their canid relatives. The Park maintains free-living ambassador animals in mixed habitats, provides public educational programs and in-depth seminars, hosts researchers from many institutions to conduct behavioral and cognitive research with the wolves, and advocates for the species’ conservation.”

Feb 12 2012

#288 Awareness (12)

From Mariah

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably all of you), Mariah was the very first individual to ever submit a picture to WBS. Her original submission can be seen all the way back at #2. Thanks so much for the support, Mariah. The gift of your artwork means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Timber Wolf Preservation Society

Here’s a part of the TWPS Mission Statement:

“If wolves and other native species are to make any kind of comeback, it is necessary for the public to understand and appreciate the predator/prey relationship for the balance of nature.  It is to this end that the society is working.  We believe that a large part of the reason for the wolf’s endangered status is due to widespread misunderstanding concerning its nature and place in the environment.  Through lectures to schools, civic and sportsman groups and media interviews, the society hopes to dispel false notions and past myths about the wolf and to instill a sense of value for a missing part of our wilderness areas.”

Feb 11 2012

#287 Awareness (11)

These two works come to us courtesy of two beautiful women who shared them on the WBS facebook page: Debbie Blount and Sandra Grifo Montimurro. Please visit the WBS facebook page to see more of the fine work by these creative and dedicated artists. I hope these artistic triumphs will brighten your day as much as they did mine.

Best wishes, “J”

NRDC: Save Biogems – Wolves

NRDC selects special places across the Americas that face an imminent threat of destruction: pristine coastlines that could become industrial ports; ancient forests that could be stripped of trees; and unspoiled wildlife habitats that could be sacrificed to oil and gas drilling. Our imperiled BioGems are irreplaceable remnants of wilderness that curb global warming, preserve biodiversity and provide sanctuary for rare and extraordinary wildlife, from threatened polar bears to endangered gray whales.

Feb 9 2012

#285 Awareness (9)

From Justin in Terre Haute, Indiana

Want to teach your kids about wolf conservation? Here’s your chance: the link  below offers a nice introductory unit to wolf education courtesy of Kids’ Planet, complete with reading and writing assignments:

Kids’ Planet Wolf Curriculum

Feb 2 2012

#278 Awareness (2)

From Jacob

Text taken from the website for The Wolf Conservation Center:

Founded in 1999, The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is a 501c3 organization that promotes wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future.  We accomplish this mission by:

  • Promoting wolf conservation through education
  • Supporting wolf reintroduction in federally designated areas that can sustain viable wolf populations
  • Being the preeminent facility in the eastern United States for the captive breeding and pre-release of endangered wolf species; and
  • Providing the natural habitat for a few captive wolves where observation of natural behavior is possible

Through our education programs, we work to convey the following messages:

  • Wolves in the wild are not dangerous to people.
  • Wolves perform a vital role in the environment.
  • Wolves are not pets.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to do something each day to make the world a better place.