Apr 3 2012

#339 “Space Oddity”

From GMR in Phoenix, Arizona

Since May 1st, 2011, probably as many as a dozen illustrations have been posted on this site which feature the image of a wolf in space or operating some type of flying vehicle. While at first this concept might strike the viewer as strange, it actually makes perfectly good sense. Just as man has for centuries peered into the deepest reaches of space and longed to test the boundaries of the universe, so too does the wolf seem to gaze up at the lonesome moon and cry out with a sort of wistful yearning. And while our hopes and dreams might not be tied together as intimately as we might imagine, the truth of the matter is that that bright, enticing orb which rules the nighttime sky calls to all of us in some mysterious way…

Jan 21 2012

#267 Less is More (22)

From a stranger in an unknown place

The idea of the ancient/enduring wolf being outfitted with modern rocket technology led me on an interesting trip around the Internet where I ultimately stumbled upon this interesting fact. It certainly does make your head spin to realize how swiftly times are changing…

“The small chip inside today‚Äôs throwaway musical greeting card has more computing power in it than existed in the entire world prior to 1950.”

~ David D. Thornburg, Ph.D.

Sep 26 2011

#149 “The sum of its parts…”

From a stranger in Portland, Oregon

I’ll be honest, when I first began to examine this wolf, I was a bit baffled. Not because I was necessarily shocked to see such a mind-bending creation (I’ve received several of these Franken-wolf creations over the past months), but because I simply didn’t know what to say. Yes, the picture was intriguing. Sure, was interesting. But what to say about it? What comment of substance could I possibly make about a wolf that has rocket arms, a gorilla chest and squid tentacles? Game. Set. Match. The picture had prevailed. I was speechless. And as a result this picture has remained relatively untouched since I received it in middle part of March.

On a whim, however, I took the picture out last night in order to take one last crack at deciphering its mysterious code. After several hours of deep thought and thorough consideration, I believe I have discovered the secrets that this anonymous artist has to offer through this enigmatic piece. I believe I have finally solved the mystery.

You see, at first I believed that this conglomeration of unusual body parts was a result of random selection. Now, however, I have come to discover their true meaning. The legs of a squid? What else could this suggest except adaptability? The legs are fluid and flexible; they are adjustable and handle change well, but at the same time they are strong and sturdy and capable of inflicting great damage if necessary. What better list of adjectives is there to describe the wolf? In a world so bent on destruction and terror, the adaptability of the wolf may very well be the key to its survival.

But what about the gorilla chest and rocket arms? Well, as far as the gorilla chest is concerned, I believe that this feature ultimately suggests dominance and stability. It is a representation of the brute strength and toughness of the wolf. Also, one cannot deny that the most immediate image that comes to mind when contemplating a gorilla chest is that of the strong hands of the primate beating against it, showing his strength, virility, and prowess. All of these adjectives are ones that are not meant for the gorilla alone; they represent the wolf as well. Moving on to the rocket arms, what better symbol is there for the stamina and perseverance of the wolf? Just like the rocket bursts through the layers of the atmosphere and pushes through to worlds beyond our knowledge and understanding, the wisdom and wonder of the wolf will survive for ages to come, soaring on towards infinity.

Nice work, stranger from Portland. You had me stumped for quite some time, but I have finally pried that pearl of wisdom from its rigid enclosure.

So who won in the end? I think the answer is clear: both of us…