Dec 21 2011

#235 “Criticism”

From “Mezofoprezo” in Jacksonville, Florida

On a few previous occasions I have lamented the fact that so many artists who submit their work to WBS seem to be disappointed with the results of their own efforts. In my opinion, any and every artistic venture should be rewarded with unabashed praise. I can understand people’s reservations, though; when you create art, you take a great risk. You inherently place yourself at the mercy of the criticism of others, and for some strange reason, the opinions of people who judge our art (regardless of their authority, intellect or character) always seem to matter dearly to us. This is why I have always taken it upon myself to make sure that my comments about a contributor’s art are always positive and uplifting. I don’t do this for the sake of pity or to spare anyone’s feelings. I do it because it is right, and I do it because all art is worthy of admiration. And also, I do it because it’s easy. Hundreds of people from all over the world have sent me illustrations of wolves for no other reason besides the fact that I asked for it. How in the world could I be disappointed or critical of any picture that I receive? I simply don’t think it’s possible. Oh, and by the way, I have had people ask me before, “Do you really mean all the things that you say about the pictures on your website?” The answer to that question, my friends is “Absolutely.”

Also, the fact that I am not an artist myself allows me to appreciate the artistic attempts of others all the more. The collecting of art is way for me to live vicariously through a whole host of imaginative creators from all over the globe. I get to live a hundred lives in one. So to all of you out there who have been hurt or offended by the words of an overly harsh critic in the past, please allow me to offer my support and encouragement. Your work will always have a home here at Also, before I wrap things up, I think it’s only appropriate to send a special message of gratitude to “Mezofoprezo.” This wolf is far from “crappy,” my friend. It is unique and wonderful. It is playful and whimsical. It is has personality and flare. I love it. It is a representation of you, and you are a very special person.

Dec 18 2011

#232 “Everybody Poops”

From a stranger in reddit-land

I’d like to begin this post by apologizing to those of you who may find this picture to be a bit too crude for public consumption. Yes, I understand that there will be those of you who might have a slight aversion to the idea of a wolf defecating off of the edge of a cliff, but at the same time, I feel that we must accept the fact that the evacuation of the bowels is a natural part of life and that (to put it casually) everybody poops. So while we might not necessarily want to publicly celebrate our bowel movements, we can at least accept them as an essential part of our well-being and recognize that the body’s rejection of feces plays a pivotal role in our overall health. In fact, seeing as how spending some quality time on the toilet is so vital to a healthy lifestyle, I think it would be nothing if not fitting to examine some facts that revolve around the most intimate of body functions: the BM. Enjoy!

Archeologists have found evidence of “sitting-type” toilets in Egypt dating back some 3,000 years.

The Chinese found the oldest working indoor toilet in their country to be 2,000 years old. It belonged to a king of the Western Han Dynasty. The toilet came complete with running water, a stone seat, and a comfortable arm rest.

During the Middle Ages in England, the river Thames actually caught on fire due to the overwhelming amount of feces decomposing and producing methane gas.

The word “crap” in all likelihood is derived from either the Dutch word “krappen” or the French word “crappe.” In either language, the word is a general term referring to waste or useless objects.

1 out of every 100 women only experiences a bowel movement once a week.

Only about 40% of men and 33% of women move their bowels everyday.

The average weight of a piece of fecal matter is 3.5 ounces.

Stool generally consists of 75% water, retained inside undigested food.

Poop gets its signature color from bile, a greenish-brown liquid produced in the liver.

The one hour of the year which experiences the most toilet usage in the United States is during half time of the Super Bowl.

More than 70% of people place their toilet paper on the roll with the loose end over the roll.

Females, on average, take about 3 times longer than men to use the bathroom.

About a third of all Americans flush the toilet while they’re still sitting on it.

For more great facts on fecal matter check out!

Nov 29 2011

#213 “Crazy Combo”

From a stranger in Raleigh, North Carolina

At a first glance, this simple illustration might seem like nothing more than an uncomplicated reference to the collection of athletic teams at North Carolina State University known affectionately as the Wolfpack. However, a deeper inspection reveals that the motivations and focus behind this particular picture are much more complicated and not so easy to decipher. An interesting combination of creative influences are at work here that only the Internet-savvy mind would be able to interpret.

Let’s explore this together: First of all, we’ll notice that the individual who drew this picture is no doubt very familiar with the latest memes that happen to be making their way across the World Wide Web at any point in time. This is made obvious by the fact that this stranger discovered Wolves by Strangers via, a semi-serious subculture “news” website of sorts. But one will also notice that the username is a reference to NCSU which explains why the individual would be enamored with wolves in the first place. But what about the fact that there is a wolf riding another wolf in the illustration? Well, dear friends, to understand this somewhat subtle reference, you must really know your memes. Combined with accompanying text that states, “I heard you like wolves,” this picture is an enigmatic yet overt reference to the Xhibit “Yo, Dawg” meme (which you can find more information about here).

So, in the end, while this illustration may seem simple at first, it is deceptively so. In reality, a variety of influences come together to form a unique wolf soup, flavored with a variety of electronic spices and served up in a meme-based bowl. The NCSU Wolfpack,, Wolves by Strangers and Xhibit. What a tasty treat!