Jan 30 2012

#275 Less is More (30)

From Megan in Chattanooga, Tennessee

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”

~ Henry David Thoreau


Nov 28 2011

#212 “Wolf!”

From a stranger in Charlotte, North Carolina

Today we’re getting back to basics with this classically cartoonish wolf illustration from the foothills of North Carolina. No gimmicks, no frills, no ulterior motives- what you see is what you get in this simple but inspiring rendition of a playful lobo with a toothy grin. What better time to share a few pearls of wolf wisdom? Feast upon the wolf-related quotes below and take from them what you will. And as always, a special thanks to this stranger for this special illustration. Every one counts!

“Throughout the centuries we have projected on to the wolf the qualities we most despise and fear in ourselves.” -Barry Lopez

“Wolves may feature in our myths, our history, and our dreams, but they have their own future, their own loves, their own dreams to fulfill.” -Anthony Miles

“The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.” -Keewation (Inuit) Proverb

“We have doomed the Wolf not for what it is, but for what we have deliberately and mistakenly perceived it to be..the mythologized epitome of a savage, ruthless killer..which is, in reality no more than a reflexed images of ourself.” -Farley Mowat

“We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves” -Gerald Hausman

“Only a mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf.” -Aldo Leopold

“We reached the old wolf in time to watch the fierce green fire dying in her eyes. . . .There was something new to me in those eyes— something known only to her and the mountains. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch. I thought that because fewer wolves more deer that no wolves would mean hunter’s paradise, but after seeing the green fire dire, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view.” -Aldo Leopold

“Wolves are not our brothers; they are not our subordinates, either. They are another nation, caught up just like us in the complex web of time and life.” -Henry Beston

“The wolf is neither man’s competitor nor his enemy. He is a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared.” -L. David Mech