Dec 26 2011

#240 “Cover Art”

From a stranger in Michigan

I have always been especially fascinated with this picture because it was the first I had received in which the artist actually wrote the words “Wolves by Strangers” as an accompaniment to his artwork. A few days later when I showed the picture to a friend of mine, he ┬ásaid, “Wow! I think this guy is shooting for the cover of the “Wolves by Strangers” book!” We both had a good laugh at this. This incident happened many months ago, and at that time the idea of creating a book from all of the wonderful artwork that I have received seemed like a preposterous notion. Now, however, things have changed a bit. As this unusual project has progressed, the idea of producing a book has become more of a real possibility, and I have taken a few concrete steps towards accomplishing this goal. But overall, the creation of a WBS anthology is still a pipe dream of sorts. There are many hurtles that would have to be overcome, such as submitting proposals to publishers and formulating an overall vision. And then, of course, there is the issue of gaining permission from the individual artists to use their work(s). But as I said, all of this is probably a long ways off. Still… it’s nice to dream, to have a target in mind to shoot for, even if it is a bit of a fantasy. And in the end, who knows what may happen? When this all started, I never thought we would make it this far…