Aug 18 2011

#110 “The wolf that should be working”

From Grace in Chattanooga, TN

You may or may not be surprised to hear that a great number of illustrations that find their way to Wolves by Strangers are printed on Post-It Notes. Why the seemingly unusual choice of canvas? Well, simply put, I believe this reflects that many contributors to this project are participating during regular work hours, when Post-It Notes are perhaps the most accessible and convenient canvas.

This wolf in particular supports this theory, for on the back side of the illustration is a note which reads, “The wolf that should be working.” Now, I am not here to take a position on productivity in the work place. Overall, I try to take a balanced perspective, supporting the view that diversions and occasional breaks are necessary for productivity but also that work is a time for just that: work. In the end, I’ll take any wolves I can, whether they were drawn on “company time” or not, and in the end, I must say that I am pleased that so many individuals have chosen participation in Wolves by Strangers as a way to escape the monotony of the work day.

Incidentally, I was inspired by this picture to do a little research on workplace productivity. In doing so, it wasn’t long before I found the picture below on a website called The Campus Socialite. Enjoy!