Oct 25 2011

#178 “Armed and Dangerous”

From Nathan in Little Rock, Arkansas

Typically, when an illustration features a wolf that is somewhat aggressive, the teeth seem to get all the attention. But not so with Nathan’s illustration. In a true testimony to his uniqueness of vision, this picture foregoes the somewhat cliche image of a set of fearsome teeth dripping with bloody saliva. On the contrary, it is the paws and claws of the wolf that take center stage in this illustration, and I must say that it’s about time. Thanks, Nathan, for redirecting us.

Whether you believe that the paws of a wolf are a result of millions of years of evolutionary progress or were intelligently designed by the hands of an almighty creator, I think we can all agree that they are a feature of this magnificent animal that are worthy of praise and admiration. It is those paws that coddle the young ones as they utter their first howls in a wolfy den. It is those paws that propel the animal from perfect stillness to breakneck speeds in an instant. It is those paws that form the imprint in the mud that causes our hearts to skip a beat when we lay our eyes upon it.

The paws are where strength and agility are married, where the roughness of pads meets the smoothness and softness of the fur. All predators have a fearsome set of teeth, but the paw… that is a triumph of body that only the wolf can claim.