Apr 21 2012

#357 “Princess”

From a stranger in Kearny, New Jersey

One of the aspects of this project that I have always been the most proud of is the fact that every artist (regardless of age, gender or talent) has the capacity to achieve true equality. All contributors are king or queen for a day at wolvesbystrangers.com as each work is granted its moment to shine in the spotlight as the star of its own unique post. Today is no different. I have no idea who this mysterious young artist from Kearny truly is, but I know that she’s a princess… even if only for this one day at Wolves by Strangers. Thanks for keeping the dream alive. Your contribution to WBS has made me feel like royalty.

Nov 8 2011

#192 “Battle Ready”

From a stranger in Bend, Oregon.

She-Ra meets The NeverEnding Story and Link meets The Lord of the Rings in the unique fantasy ride of epic, wolfy proportions. If this work is an intentional reference to any particular story or fantasy saga, I am at a loss to identify it, but in some ways I believe the mystery makes this piece all the more appealing. With the backstory left unknown, the viewer is free to fantasize about this magical realm in which sword-wielding, battle ready Amazonian princesses gallop atop pink, vambrace-wearing wolves in a quest for righteousness. The confident gaze of the sovereign warrior and optimistic demeanor of her lupine steed indicate that this pair is surely fighting for the cause of all that is good and just and that they will ultimately succeed. And in the end, perhaps there is a great lesson to be taken from this. Perhaps all of this suggests that if we are assured in our own abilities and resources and have a stable confidence, then we have no need to fear no matter who or what our enemy might be. But then again, this is all speculation. It may be the case that just the opposite is true- that the message is simply an encouragement to indulge our imaginations in a short vacation of pure and utter fantasy without having to search for meaning. Regardless of which of these options is the case, however, this picture is still inspiring and causes the mind to churn with tantalizing possibilities.

But no commentary on this illustration would be complete without pointing out the immense skill that was called upon during the work’s creation. The lines of brush, pen and pastel are frenzied and hectic and give off vibrations that buzz with energy while the unique color palette causes the eyes to exercise their full potential and the mind to reel with wonder at the groundbreaking combination of hues. It’s truly a sight to be hold, and beyond all doubt, the artistry at work here is just as amazing as the unique subject matter.

Congratulations, stranger. You’ve pushed the limits of our expectations, and we have all been rewarded by your efforts. This is one battle with a clear and rightful victor.