May 22 2011

#22 “Primary Wolf”

Perhaps the single greatest benefit from the world failing to end yesterday (as was long predicted), is the fact that I now have the opportunity to share with you this beautifully hand-painted wolf portrait. There are many words that I could use to describe its artistic merit, many applications and connections I could make based upon its loveliness, many philosophical viewpoints I could suggest, but in the end I think that my own comments may detract from the exquisiteness of this lupine masterpiece.

Instead, I will simply leave you with the words of artist as they were written in her attached note:

Hello, Stranger!

I hope you enjoy my wolf and add it to your growing collection! He’s a primary colour wolf, and he thinks he’s bada**. He’s way more legit than those secondary colour wolves. He’s smug and a tad pretentious.

…I hope you are expecting all these drawings. If not, you have an amazing collection of wolf art.

Love from Canada,


Well, Cheryl, one thing is for sure: I was (and still am) actively searching for wonderful wolf art from strangers all over the world, but in reference to your last comment, I sure wasn’t expecting anything as beautiful as this. Bravo, my friend. Artwork like this makes one happy to be alive…