Jul 23 2011

#84 “The Miracle”

From Emmi in Finland

We often refer to childbirth as “the miracle of life.” In truth, I believe that this a good moniker for this breathtaking and amazing act. When you really stop to think about it, the very notion that two individual beings can come together and create a new life that is wholly separate and independent from either of them is truly beyond words. I would not trade my place as a male, but I sometimes jealously wonder what it must feel like to experience the creative and selfless power that resides in giving life to another through birth.

Something that I don’t think we often think about, though, is the fact that most other animal species procreate in the same manner that we do. I am not necessarily trying to lower humans to the level of a base animal, but I do think that if we value the process of our procreation and view it in a similar light to that of animals, we may learn to have a deeper love and respect for the creatures that we share our planet with. True, a human child is not the same as a young wolf pup, and I know that there is no bond that truly compares to that of a human mother and child… but to consider the wolf mother… to know that she as well has held her young ones in her belly… to realize that she as well would die for her young… would kill for them… would do anything to protect them… surely this counts for something.