Jun 21 2011

#52 “At Peace…”

From Paul in Seattle, Washington.

While it may be thrilling to examine illustrations of the wolf as it strikes a defensive pose or launches in for an offensive attack on a prey, there is also an undeniable joy t0 be gained by viewing this peaceful, sleeping wolf. This is certainly a side of the natural predator that we don’t see very often, but this doesn’t mean that it is less true or less valid than the other, more aggressive sides of the wolf that we may be more familiar with.

Through some brief email correspondence with Paul, I learned that his girlfriend is a veterinarian and that she had volunteered to display some WBS flyers at her place of business. Upon hearing this, I knew instantly that this couple held a special place in their hearts for all animals and that they viewed our wild brethren through a lens of love rather than aggression. If today you are overwhelmed with the slings and arrows of this life that so often bring us down or you feel more like the helpless prey than the bold predator, I hope your eyes will fall upon this illustration and it will bring you peace.

For while it is true that security and beauty can abide in strength, there is a power that lies in peace as well.

Thank you, Paul, for bringing this to our attention.