Dec 31 2011

#245 “New Year’s Eve”

From a stranger in St. Louis, Missouri

Chances are that after the parties and get-togethers tonight, a few of us are going to wind up in the same position as this wolf tomorrow morning. I don’t want to get too preachy, but I do want to encourage you (as well as myself) to practice moderation on this night of celebration. Nothing would make for a worse start to the new year than vomiting up cheap beer. Have fun, but start the year off right so you can wake up happy tomorrow morning. I’ll see you in 2012!

Aug 9 2011

#101 “Party Time!”

From Pat in Broomall, Pennsylvania


It’s Tuesday.

Just another day in a series of mind-numbing work weeks, destined to drive each of us to an early grave.

And yet I urge you, nay, I beg of you to cast off those shackles and burdens of the traditional work work and join me in officially declaring today a national holiday in honor of “Party Wolf” and his unabashed thirst for excitement and excess. In lives that are so scheduled and regimented, many of us have become convinced that fun and pleasure must be as scheduled and planned as the hours of the work day.When did we start to believe that we are not designed to enjoy our own existence? Who has brainwashed us into believing that life itself cannot be a continual journey of fun and excitement?

True, Responsibilities exist. Occupations are largely necessary for survival, but so is recreation. Today I encourage you to realize that entertainment is just as vital to your mental and physical well-being as a healthy diet or a well-developed spiritual life.

Take a cue from “Party Wolf” (after all, he is the original party animal), and make today a party of your own.

Also, If you wish to see more of Pat’s inspiring artwork, visit his website here.