Jul 16 2011

#77 “Mission: Wolf”

From Jamie in Broomfield, CO

(Can you see the wolf? He’s on the left side…)

The email that I received in conjunction with this illustration from Jamie is more captivating and impressive than any commentary I could offer, so I hope she will forgive me if I forego any personal and original assessments and merely share with you some of the wonderful story that Jamie shared with me.

In her email Jamie related that she had become enamored with wolves when she saw her first real specimen in the 7th grade. Jamie was so wonderstruck by her experience that it stayed with her for a number of years. As a senior in high school, she spent more than 120 hours volunteering her time at Sinapu and Mission: Wolf. Jamie helped with a variety of activities while working at Mission: Wolf and also spent much time capturing images of the wolves in black and white photography. And thus this picture was born. Years after her experience at Mission: Wolf, Jamie used one of her photographs as inspiration for this masterpiece that she originally completed as an assignment for an art class.

In a statement of infinite grace in her email, Jamie thanked WBS for reminding her of her passion for the “majestic animal.” I feel I can only repay this wonderful compliment by encouraging you to read about the amazing sanctuary that served as an inspiration for this wonderful woman and her talent-filled artwork.

Thank you, Jamie. You are truly an inspiration.

Access Mission: Wolf here.