Oct 11 2011

#164 “Trippy”

From Laura in Everett, Washington

As a whole, this picture is difficult to describe, but at the same time, the longer I look at it, the more ideas for strange analyses and interesting interpretations come into my head. Every time I examine it, I notice something new, something more gripping than what I saw before. Ultimately, in an effort to try to put my feelings into words, I guess I would have to say that this piece is a kaleidoscopic rorschach of symmetrical ooze, breathing forth creative energy from every square inch. It bubbles with animated vitality and possesses a musicality that I have witnessed in very few other pieces. The smooth lines and effervescent shapes are soothing, but the barrage of color and shape combinations is also overwhelming, producing in the viewer a unique feeling of peacefulness and disquietude. It is mind-boggling different but strangely familiar. It is an elaborate depiction of a mirrored seraphim-inspired wolf, floating independently from time and space on the craziest ring of Saturn.

As I stare at the wonder that is this piece of artwork, I can’t help but here music in my head. As a result, I have decided to post for you three of my favorite music videos that I believe would serve as a fitting accompaniment for this unique piece of artwork, both in terms of the mood and feel of the music as well as in the uniqueness of their visual components.

#1:  MGMT  ”Electric Feel”
#2:  Julian Casablancas  ”11th Dimension”
#3:  Tommy Sparks  ”She’s Got Me Dancing”

Aug 29 2011

#121 “When the going gets weird…”


 From Hikage in Quebec City, Canada

What do you get when you cross an acid trip with a breakfast cereal commercial and then sprinkle it with Saturday morning cartoon shows and a dash of depraved and twisted humor on top?

What do you get when you combine two parts MGMT music video with one part “Space Ghost”/”Adult Swim” and multiple by a clown’s wildest dream and the inner workings of Chuck Palahniuk’s childhood imagination?

The answer to both of these questions is the illustration that you see before you today. As the famous pioneer of Gonzo journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, once said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” And in my humble opinion, this illustration displays weirdness at its most professional. The picture seems to represent a refreshing sense of nostalgia that is weird and twisted, but it is also beautifully and artfully rendered. It is a perfection combination of warped childhood wonder, tame kinkiness, and true artistic talent.

In the end the viewer walks away from this illustration with a healthy confusion of disquietude and pleasure that is not easy to come by. For although the picture seems innocent enough on the surface, underneath the viewer is left with an almost twisted feeling that innocence has somehow been distorted here. The viewer may find himself asking whether the playful attitude/tone of the illustration genuine. But then again, maybe this attitude towards the illustration suggests more about me as a viewer than it does about the illustration.

Either way, I simply can’t stop staring at this colorful illustration which has caused a rainbow of thought to fill this clouded brain.

Also, just in case you’re interested, you can check out the Nyan Cat video below. I had actually never heard of this particular meme until the artist informed me about the reference in the illustration. On and slightly unrelated note, I can’t figure out whether I am embarrassed by my ignorance of the Nyan Cat or not. Either way, here it is. Enjoy!