Apr 20 2012

#356 “Stare Dad”

From Alec in Ward, Arizona

Ahhh… meme-inspired wolf artwork, how I love you. Whether it’s Xhibit, the Nyan Cat, or Pedobear, all Internet memes have some sort of unique appeal. Each meme is strangely universal but also possesses the allure of an inside joke. On display today is a take on the Stare Dad meme. If you’ve never experienced the Stare Dad meme, check out the links below; they’ll take to some of the more famous installments of Stare Dad.

Memebase: Stare Dad

Know Your Meme: Stare Dad

Jan 6 2012

#251 Less is More (6)

From a stranger in reddit-land.

Pedobear is a meme that is meant to be humorous, but he does open the door for discussion about some very important issues. The facts below come courtesy of RAINN.org (RAINN = Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). Please know that I appreciate the comical aspects of the picture but that these statistics are offered with serious (and not sarcastic) intent.

44% of sexual assault victims are under the age of 18.

Every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.

60% of sexual assaults are not reported to police.

15 out of 16 rapists never spend a day in jail.

Approx. 65% of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.


Nov 29 2011

#213 “Crazy Combo”

From a stranger in Raleigh, North Carolina

At a first glance, this simple illustration might seem like nothing more than an uncomplicated reference to the collection of athletic teams at North Carolina State University known affectionately as the Wolfpack. However, a deeper inspection reveals that the motivations and focus behind this particular picture are much more complicated and not so easy to decipher. An interesting combination of creative influences are at work here that only the Internet-savvy mind would be able to interpret.

Let’s explore this together: First of all, we’ll notice that the individual who drew this picture is no doubt very familiar with the latest memes that happen to be making their way across the World Wide Web at any point in time. This is made obvious by the fact that this stranger discovered Wolves by Strangers via reddit.com, a semi-serious subculture “news” website of sorts. But one will also notice that the reddit.com username is a reference to NCSU which explains why the individual would be enamored with wolves in the first place. But what about the fact that there is a wolf riding another wolf in the illustration? Well, dear friends, to understand this somewhat subtle reference, you must really know your memes. Combined with accompanying text that states, “I heard you like wolves,” this picture is an enigmatic yet overt reference to the Xhibit “Yo, Dawg” meme (which you can find more information about here).

So, in the end, while this illustration may seem simple at first, it is deceptively so. In reality, a variety of influences come together to form a unique wolf soup, flavored with a variety of electronic spices and served up in a meme-based bowl. The NCSU Wolfpack, reddit.com, Wolves by Strangers and Xhibit. What a tasty treat!

Nov 6 2011

#190 “Nyan Wolf II (Insanity)”

From Antigonus

Two Nyan Wolves in two days? What on earth is going on here?

I can’t rightly say why the wolf artist would seek inspiration in the Nyan Cat, but I can say that the results of this unusual muse are never disappointing. Take for instance the work that is on display today in comparison with yesterday’s post. Both works used the Nyan Cat meme as a sort of guiding light, but the works themselves are vastly different and each appeals to a totally unique side of human nature that almost seems to be in stark contrast to the another. While yesterday’s wolf was cute and cuddly and indulged the softer side of fantasy, this Nyan Wolf by Antigonus appeals to our more primal side and seeks to abate an inborn desire for savagery and ferocity.

This wolf stays true to the original Nyan Cat meme in almost every way, but there is a perversion of the innocence of the original concept that grips the viewers and simply will not let go. When one considers the crazed combination of the wild wolf and the sugary breakfast pastry and then takes into account the My Little Pony “tramp stamp” and rainbow trailer, there’s little question as to why Antigonus decided to call this piece “Insanity.”

Well done, Antigonus.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Salvador Dali that for some reason has stuck in my head ever since I laid eyes on this twisted Nyan Wolf masterpiece: “The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.” Take from this what you will, but please know that you have my sincerest thanks for this uniquely bizarre triumph of pop culture artwork.

Nov 5 2011

#189 “Nyan Wolf”

From Rebecca in Peterborough, UK

When pop culture references can transcend their typically limited boundaries and become applicable in a variety of circumstances, that is when they achieve true greatness. And this, as it just so happens, is exactly what we have before us today with Rebecca’s Nyan Wolf all the way from Peterborough, UK. Knowing that winter is just around the corner, Rebecca carefully and artfully rendered this version of the Nyan Cat to appear with soft and gentle snowflakes falling through a gloomy but calming grey autumnal sky. Additionally, with the holiday season pleasantly bearing down upon us, she takes the traditional Nyan Cat Pop-Tart and cleverly exchanges it with a piece of pie that looks like it would make a great addition to any Christmas spread (or Thanksgiving, if you happen to be American).

And finally, you can’t deny that the transformation of the cat into the figure of a wolf is fitting as well. This little guy is as sweet as the pie that he is made of, and like the Nyan Cat song, when a love for the wolf becomes stuck in your head and in your heart, you know it will be there for quite some time to come. There is true genius at work, Rebecca, and I thank you for adding your own unique spin on this cultural phenomenon. Keep putting your own mark on all that you encounter in life and never stop living with the playful optimism that the Nyan Cat embodies.

Also, as some of you know, I referenced the Nyan Cat in another post that featured a reference to this same meme a little while back. But for those of you who still might be unfamiliar with this unusual phenomenon, I have included the clip below.