Jun 19 2011

#50 “Airwolf”

From Jason in Georgia.

A couple of days ago I posted a picture from Tam in the UK that referenced the American television show Airwolf (1984-1987). Today’s artful illustration from Jason in Georgia takes its inspiration from the same source. I must admit that I was not familiar with this television series before receiving these pictures, and it is a complete mystery to me as to how I could have missed this “far out” tv series. Having grown up during the time period that the show aired, it seems that I would at least have heard of it, but nonetheless, these illustrations struck no immediate chord with me, and as a result I was forced to research the television show online.

My original plan for this post had been to discuss some of the details of the series, but after listening to the theme song a few times, I realized that this musical masterpiece is where my focus should lie. You see, I have recently become completely enamored with synthesized music from the 1980s and modern music of the same style which is inspired by this time period. This song represents everything I love about this genre of music. It contains strong repeating themes with slight variation and a heavy percussive beat, it is highly synthesized, it contains ominous drones but also features inspirational and optimistic high notes, and finally it simply makes me want to speed down the interstate in a muscle car wearing a white blazer/pastel t-shirt combo paired with dark aviator sunglasses.

Going back to the illustration for a moment, you can see how the picture goes hand in hand with the Airwolf theme song and everything else we hold true about this fantastic decade: the wolf’s strong body language and cocky smirk is reminiscent of the “Me” generation, while the coolly authoritative uniform displays classic 1980s machismo and an emphasis on presenting oneself as “rad” and “boss.” Also, even though this picture is in black and white, it is speaks of the action and drama that defined 1980s entertainment.

This picture is truly the perfect complement to this awesome television show theme song.

On another note, before this post is concluded, I want to share with you a short list of some of my favorite modern songs that seem to be inspired by the music and culture of the 80s. If you like the Airwolf theme song below, check out these other hip tracks as well:

FM Attack: “Old School Daze” and “Dreamer”

Anoraak: “Cloud Rain Love”

College: “Teenage Color”

Electric Youth: “Faces” (From the Valerie and Friends album)

Futurecop!: “Tonight’s Hero”

Grum: “Through the Night” and “Cybernetic”

Kavinsky: “Wayfarer” and “Testarossa Autodrive”

Lazerhawk: “Overdrive”