Oct 28 2011

#181 “Tutorial”

From “Pro Sew Comedian” in Fort Worth, Texas

So you’ve got a problem: There’s a stirring deep within your bones urging you to construct your very own lupine masterpiece, but you simply don’t know where to begin. Fear no more, my friend. Allow me to introduce “Pro Sew Comedian” and his wolf-drawing tutorial with personality the size of Texas.

With step-by-step instructions to take you all the way from inception to finishing touches, this training session allows even the greenest of wolf-artists to achieve the pinnacle of lupine creations. Now is the time to let your spirit howl without limits. That’s right, no more excuses. No more hiding behind claims of novice-level skill or artistic ignorance. The day of reckoning is upon us. It is time to conquer the intimidation of the pen and vanquish all self-doubt. With the help of “Pro Sew Comedian” each of us can join the ranks of such famous wolf-artists as Kim Diment, Julia Hargreaves, Karla Mann, and Michael Dumas.

As far as the question that this contributor posed is concerned, I did write back with a response, but I fear it was not with the answer he was hoping for. This blog is really the only “corkboard” that I have on which to display the artwork I receive. The organization of the physical collection mainly consists of a pile of notebooks with plastic protective sleeves. Not much to look at, but effective nonetheless. Who knows, though… perhaps someday there will be a marvelous and unified display of all these masterpieces.Then we shall all lay eyes on them together and bask in their glorious radiance. And when that day comes, I hope we are all there to see it together…