Sep 8 2011

#131 “The Big Fun Party”

From Hannah in Orange, California

It doesn’t get wilder and wackier than this, my friends, but it also doesn’t get any more lupine. For most of you, the last word that you would use to describe this wolf illustration would be “traditional.” I won’t disagree with this; this picture truly isn’t a conventional rendering of the wolf, but it certainly does encapsulate many aspects of the lobo very accurately.

Let’s examine some of the elements of this picture and discover how they relate to the idea of the wolf as a whole.

The burger: This fleshy delight truly represents the carnivorous nature of the wolf, but the fact that this wolf is dining on what appears to be a traditional cheeseburger also represents the fact that we are linked to the lobo by our own carnivorous nature. We don’t necessarily view ourselves as being carnivores because our food is presented to us on classy glass plates. But this doesn’t change the fact that what we are eating is still just a hunk of meat, sometimes still dripping with blood.

The ribbon/hair: While much of this wolf’s coat seems a little straggly, the bow adorned across the top of its brow accentuates the fact that the wolf’s appearance is both beautiful as well as raw and sometimes even crude. The animal is the perfect combination of natural beauty and inherent coarseness.

The feces: Nothing suggests the primal nature of the wolf more than this steamy, stinky pile of refuse. It suggests a nomadic nature and an unrefined and unabashed lifestyle. It suggests that the wolf exists clearly outside of human social norms and suggests and a raw instinctual nature to simple follow the body’s urges to the utmost degree. The wolf does what it wants, regardless of what others may think. It is its own master, and follows the urges and impulses of its own body.

The spots: This aspect of the wolf’s appearance represents the fact that each wolf is unique. With the birth of each creature, the mold is broken. The spots could never be recreated the same way on any other creature. Each one is special. Each is a snowflake of individuality.

The skull mask: This item is indicative of the fact that the world the wolf resides in is one of constant struggle and hardship. Literally, everyday the wolf must make choices, the results of which will result in either life or death. The wide eyes set inside this morbid disguise clearly are meant to point to the stressful toll that a life of daily survival must take on an animal. It’s true that the being is one that is created and equipped with the necessary mindset to handle such pressures, but with the ever increasing encroachment of man into wolf territories and the increased prejudice against the animal, who can blame this particular creature for his apparently worrisome outlook?

Overall, this illustration has to be one of the most beautifully twisted and creative that I have received thus far over the life of this project, but trust me, this picture isn’t the only trick that Hannah has in her bag. If you check out her website here, you will be transported into a world of warped wonder in which you will be introduced to fantastic and whimsical creatures of all shapes and sizes. It’s a “Big Fun Party” of magnificently perverted beauty that will suck you in and dig its claws deeply into you, but trust me: I think you’ll like it just the same.

Aug 14 2011

#106 “Indescribable”

From Jessie (?) in Chattanooga, TN

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, I am sure you are familiar with the fact that I enjoy analyzing and responding to each individual submission that comes my way. I have, however, discovered that sometimes there simply are no words.

With that being said, I can muster only one simple response for Jessie, the demented genius behind this mind-bending masterpiece: thank you. Consider my mind successfully blown. Perhaps someday I’ll have the intellect and creativity to wrap my feeble brain around your otherworldly illustration, but for today, I will leave the analysis of your work in more capable hands. Please don’t take this as neglect; it is just the opposite. I respect your work to much to degrade with an inferior interpretation.

Carry on my creative friend. Carry on.


Jul 6 2011

#67 “Wolf Wackiness”

From a group of strangers in Georgia.

There’s a lot to be said about the insanity that is apparent in these illustrations and a lot of conjecture that could be presented here in relation to them. Perhaps these pictures are the result of imaginations which simply ran wild, or maybe they represent the whimsical fancy of artistic children. On the other hand, could these illustrations possibly be the offspring of brains that veered off the tracks of normality in a more serious manner? Are they the deranged product of sick minds steeped in an unhealthy surrealism?

The world may never know the answers to these questions, but whenever I encounter something as wild and weird and these pictures, I like to reflect upon the words of one of the most strange and unique writers of all time, Stephen King, who said, “I think that we’re all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better – and maybe not all that much better after all.”

With that being said, I think I’ll go fix myself a heaping bowl of ice-cold Wolf Cream.