Aug 13 2011

#105 “Lucifer”

From Moonleopard

Ladies and gentlemen, another masterpiece greets our eyes today, but as is often the case with great art, there is an underlying mystery about this picture which constantly nags at me. My mind is plagued with possibilities. Let me present this conundrum before you, my dear friends, and perhaps you may be able to crack this slippery case of Moonleopard and the mysterious Lucifer.

Here’s the conflict: This picture comes to us courtesy of a contributor who calls himself/herself “Moonleopard.” This is an intriguing moniker to say the least, and I am quit taken with it; but what I find truly interesting is the fact that the email in which this picture was included presented the name “Lucifer” in the address. So is this illustration by Moonleopard or by this Lucifer character? Or are Lucifer and Moonleopard one and the same?

But the plot thickens: In the body of the email, Moonleopard claimed that this is an illustration of a close friend who just happens to be a werewolf. Hmmmm… Let’s think about this for a minute. If my knowledge of werewolves serves me well, I have come to know and believe that a person who actually is a werewolf may or may not be aware of his/her specific malady, meaning that someone could (theoretically) be a werewolf and not even know it.

Is it possible that Moonleopard could be a werewolf and the name of Lucifer is refers to that alternate identity in lupine form? Or perhaps Moonleopard is the true werewolf? Or…. maybe we are dealing with a werewolf/wereleopard hybrid? Also, what is the significance of the name “Lucifer”? In case you did not know, Lucifer is one of only three angels actually named in the Bible. The other two are Michael and Gabriel. But of course we know that Lucifer’s story is far different from that of his comrades, for he was cast out of Heaven because of his excessive pride. Is there a connection here? Is this an illustration of a deceased werewolf who has been transformed into a heavenly being?

I simply do not know…

And finally… Could it simply be the case that famed Megadeth frontman is a werewolf? I see the resemblance. Do you?