Feb 13 2012

#289 Awareness (13)

From Matilda in Australia

Wolf Park (Indiana):

Mission Statement – “Wolf Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and behavioral research which benefits wolves and their canid relatives. The Park maintains free-living ambassador animals in mixed habitats, provides public educational programs and in-depth seminars, hosts researchers from many institutions to conduct behavioral and cognitive research with the wolves, and advocates for the species’ conservation.”

Sep 17 2011

#140 “For Dad”

From Brennan in Mission Viejo, California

The aspect of this illustration that speaks to me the most is not the fantastic use of shading or the keen sense of texture, nor is it the impressive realism or the power of the black/white color scheme. No, the feature of this picture that calls my name and pulls at my most tender heartstrings is the juxtaposition of innocence and ferocity. Notice for yourself the intensity of the wolf’s gaze in the upper portion of the illustration. Examine the bared teeth and the powerful body language. Why is this wolf composed in such an aggressive stance? Why, because he is watching over his own pup, of course. The innocence of the young wolf cub is protected by the aggressiveness of its father. The very life of the small creature is held in his father’s paws, and you can clearly see by simply taking a quick glance into the ferociously watchful eyes of that paternal creature that he would do anything to shield his youngling from danger, even if it meant sacrificing himself on an alter of pain and death.

But even so, why is my emotional attachment here so strong? Why does this illustration inspire such catharsis? The answer is simple: Today is my father’s birthday. As a child, my dad was my hero, and I cannot help but to look upon this picture and think back to the day’s of my youth when my father was as watchful and protective as this wolf. He shielded me from danger, supplied me with a strong masculine role model and taught me how to navigate this world of wonder and danger with maturity, optimism and a thirst for life. Simply put, he was (and still is) a great father.

Dad, even though I did not draw this illustration myself, I dedicate today’s post to you. I hope that I have made you proud to be my father… I know that I am proud to be your son.

Happy Birthday, Dad.