Aug 22 2011

#114 “Funny Wolf”

From Melydia in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our cultural associations with wolves as being fierce and savage (or at least serious) creatures is so strongly rooted into our collective consciousness that it often becomes difficult to picture them in any other way. However, by treating the lupine as an animal that can only be one dimensional in interpretation, we diminish its value and strip it of other qualities that serve to make the wolf a creature that is all things to all people.

So, in an effort examine a different side of the wonderful wolf and in honor of the funny funny wolf that is on display today, here is some good clean wolf humor to make you chuckle. Enjoy!

Q: Why did the wolf cross the road?
A: He was chasing the chicken

Q: What did one hungry wolf say to the other?
A: Let’s go catch some fast food.

Q: What do you call a lost wolf?
A: A Where-Wolf

Q: How Do wolves eat their food?
A: The wolf it down

Q: What do you call a lumberjack wolf?
A: A “Timber” Wolf

Q: Where does a wolf sit in a movie theater?
A: Anywhere it wants!