Jan 24 2012

#269 Less is More (24)

From Olivia in Southland, New Zealand

FACT: A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, which is akin to a human eating one hundred hamburger patties.


Dec 7 2011

#221 “Bacon!”

From “Kattyao” in Hull, England

I have mentioned before how we seem to be living in a wolf renaissance of sorts, how interest in the wolf seems to be peaking or at least culturally on the rise for the moment. But what is just as intriguing as this mounting interest in wolves is the fact general interest in other pop culture phenomena seem to be rising at exactly the same time. This is, of course, nothing new. Interests and trends seem to ebb and flow naturally throughout time, but the study of which specific phenomena peak simultaneously can be very fascinating.

I know that it might sound a bit strange, but besides a wolf renaissance, we also seem to be living in a unique time period that is somewhat focused on a rebirth of appreciation for… wait for it… bacon. Yes, puzzling as it might be, it seems like I’m seeing references to bacon everywhere I look. It’s hard to nail down more than just a few specifics, but I can’t help but to think an overarching interest in bacon is on the rise. I’m also not alone in this assumption. I can recall that recently Maxim magazine featured a short piece every month called “Bacon Porn” in which the publication focused on all sorts of bacon-related news. Everything from bacon-flavored beer to bacon-shaped Band-Aids were discussed in this regular feature.

So, seeing as how this fat-filled culinary treat seems to have also achieved a recent rejuvenation of interest, it’s not surprising that these two ideas (wolves and bacon) would cross paths. After all, anyone who remembers the typical children’s stories of their youth will no doubt remember that wolves and pigs always seem to be thrown together in some way. So, in the end I must tip my hat to you, Kattyao. You have breached a gap and married two ideas that unexpectedly fit together so well. And with that, I think I’ll fire up the stove and help myself to a pound or two of that glorious, artery-clogging delicacy. But before I go, I’ll leave you with a few links to some truly interesting bacon-inspired creations:

Recipe for Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Bacon Explosion

Justin Bieber Meat Portrait w/ Bacon Hair


Jun 22 2011

#53 “Big Carrot?”

From a stranger in New York, NY.

Ok. I’ll bite. I’ll ask the obvious question: Why is this wolf so excited about a giant carrot?

I have spent a fair amount of time exploring the eating habits of wolves, and from what I have read, the list below pretty well sums up almost the entire spectrum of a wolf’s diet.

A wolf will feast upon rabbits, voles, earthworms, berries, grasshoppers, mice, birds, fish, fox, carrion, deer, elk, deer, caribou, musk oxen, moose, beavers, hares, muskrats, lemmings, raccoons, shrews, woodchucks, shellfish, ground squirrels, porcupines, skunks, cats, otters, bear cubs, bison, gazelle, fruit, eggs, and its own vomit.

…but apparently not carrots.

Now, since a wolf will eat fruits and berries, I am assuming that one would also eat a carrot if given the opportunity, but it would probably be unlikely that a wolf would encounter a carrot since they grow under the earth.

I guess this is just another WBS mystery, but as is often the case with any mystery, theories to explain the phenomena must be formulated. As a result, the list below represents my top 5 attempts to explain this picture.

1. This wolf is merely a small cub who has encountered an average-sized carrot that was dug up by another creature, and thus the carrot appears very large in comparison to the very small wolf.

2. The carrot is actually a person dressed in a novelty carrot suit who is about to be consumed by the wolf.

3. The wolf has consumed some sort of mind-altering drug and is hallucinating.

4. This picture simply represents an anomalous situation in which a wolf somehow does encounter a giant carrot and should be taken at face value.

5. This picture is simply a clever enigma designed by the artist for the sole purpose of causing the viewer confusion.

Any other ideas? Feel free to share…