Jul 19 2011

#80 “Poof!”


From Alex

Finally, a little straightforward wolf humor for a change! You don’t often find it that wolves are the centerpieces in comic strips, but Alex proves that this task can be accomplished with this untitled piece of comic genius.

Unfortunately, after showing this illustration to a number of people, I found that it was often met with a response of “I don’t get it…” So, for the sake of clarity, I will attempt to analyze/explain this comic on my own. I hope that my interpretation is true to Alex’ intentions.

As you can see, in the second frame of the strip, there appears to be some sort of gigantic explosion. Most people would assume that after such a momentous event, any creature nearby would have a very strong reaction of fear, surprise, etc. This goofy wolf, however, responds only by releasing a small “explosion” of his own. The juxtaposition of the huge mushroom cloud and the miniature fart is supposed to create a contrast that is somewhat humorous. Big explosion + little toot = ha ha! Understanding the where, when, why and how of the comic are not necessary in order to take in the humor; the reaction of the wolf is the aspect of the comic that is designed to be funny.

Thanks for the laugh, Alex. And don’t worry… I get it.