Oct 13 2011

#166 “Head On”

From a stranger in Little Rock, Arkansas

There’s a lot to be said about this illustration in reference to the beauty of the pen strokes and how they flow so freely, creating a face for this wolf that is beautifully honest. The lines are clean and smooth, yet hectic. The strokes add texture and truly bring this portrait to life.

However, what I would like to focus on more than the specific artistic triumphs of this piece is the inspiration that lies in the creature’s gaze. For some reason wolves often seem to be drawn in profile, but when you really examine this wolf’s fixated glare that directly meets your own line of sight, I believe you’ll find a sense of determination and optimism that a profile picture could never so fully deliver. This wolf’s firm and insistent stare encourages each of us to face the day head on, to attack this day as if we are the predator and it is our prey.

In other words, take today by storm; make it your own and don’t look away. And when you lay your head down upon your pillow tonight, you can rest fully in the assurance that if nothing else, you gave this day your all.

May the spirit of the wolf guide you this day and everyday.