Jun 11 2011

#42 “Hope”

From a stranger in an unknown land.

I know that many people scoff or laugh at this project. There are those that treat this experiment with derision and scorn. I also know that some people undoubtedly view me as a creep or a freak. However, when thoughts of the negativity invade my mind, I try to chase them away with the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure. And therefore a man must know how to estimate a sour face. The by-standers look askance on him in the public street or in the friend’s parlour. If this aversation had its origin in contempt and resistance like his own, he might well go home with a sad countenance; but the sour faces of the multitude, like their sweet faces, have no deep cause, but are put on and off as the wind blows and a newspaper directs.”

In other words, Emerson urges us to ignore the disapproval of other people because their opinions and thoughts change without reason or warning. So why put any stock in them?

But despite my success or failure in maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity and negativity, pictures such as this one will always manage to lift my spirits to a higher level. Yes, these types of illustrations and the supportive people behind them make it all worth it. All the shame, all the ridicule, all the derision- it is all swept aside. Notice all there is to be pleased with in this fine piece of artwork: first of all the artist delivers a positive message of encouragement. Secondly, this individual chose to draw an illustration even though the artist thinks he/she is not very talented. This displays a truly sacrificial attitude: this person chose to participate in a generous act of benevolence, even though the task was a struggle. What a selfless attitude. Finally, the genuine effort put forth in the illustration is evident, and as a result the artwork is truly beautiful. I love this wonderful wolf with all my heart and will cherish all of the positivity and hopefulness it has to offer.

May this wolf bless you, too. Have a happy Saturday.