Jun 12 2011

#43 “Deceptiwolf”

From Hanz in Belgium.

According to the artist’s note printed on the back of this illustration, the picture was created from a solid block of color which was then edited and pared down until ultimately the image of a wolf became somewhat visible. With the recent rise in interest in “old school” 8-bit video games and their accompanying artwork, I was not surprised to receive a wolf illustration that was constructed in this manner, but I was still very excited when I opened the envelope and laid eyes upon this unique Belgian masterpiece. I immediately went home and celebrated with a large plate of waffles.

Having consumed my meal peacefully and pleasurably, I pushed back my plate and picked up the illustration to again examine its wondrous beauty. It was then, my friends, that my stomach began to turn. A sour taste filled my mouth, and I became startlingly dizzy. The plate crashed to the floor as I cleared the table and stared in horrific wonder at this haunting masterpiece. If you read post #41 from a couple of days ago which featured a wolf flying an F-16, you will surely understand my reaction. For today’s picture doesn’t just feature a wolf using modern technology or operating a manmade machine. This wolf IS a machine.

If I can see it, surely you can, as well. I know that I am not one to keep up with the more popular trends in pop culture, but I can still clearly remember the Transformer Decepticons from my youth and recognize one when I see it today. Friends, the end is near. The dreaded Deceptiwolf is upon us. Don’t believe me? Compare the illustration above with the picture below and see for yourselves.

Now… Run! Run for your lives! Save yourselves… while you still can… Decaptiwolf is on the move…