Dec 22 2011

#236 “Big City Wolf”

From Kusti in Finland

The wildness of nature takes on the hustle and bustle of the big city in this composition by Kusti, and to put it mildly, the results are simply breathtaking. While it takes a fair amount of imagination to dream up images of an untamed wolf leaping about on urban rooftops while cars race below and city lights flash in a crazed blur of color, there’s just something about this picture that feels so right. As humans we long to belong to both of these worlds, and through this ingenious piece of art, Kusti allows us to interact with these two conflicting sides of ourselves simultaneously. We don’t have to choose between the mystery of the deep forest or the excitement of the city; we can have them both.

What this wolf is doing in this environment isn’t entirely clear, but the viewer gets the sense that this animal is on a mission. There’s an urgency in his movements and a determination in his eyes that says that this wolf didn’t just wander off and find himself in the big city at random. Something has been risked. Something is at stake- something large and important. To sum it up in a single word, this picture contains drama. From the moment that I first laid eyes on it, my heart began to beat a little more quickly, and when an artist accomplishes this task, you know that he/she has truly made an impact. In this end, this image may just be a still picture on a screen, but it delivers a wild ride that will leave your head spinning.

Thanks for adding some excitement to my day, Kusti…

Jul 14 2011

#75 “The Wolf Flag Unfurled”

From Matt

The day that private citizens and world leaders alike have feared for eons is finally upon us. Today is the day that wolves demand their independence. This revelation comes not with a formal declaration, but with the unfurling or the great flag of the newly formed Wolf Nation. Behold the banner of the State of the Wolf. Notice its alternating dark and light yellow hues. These two shades of the same color represent two separate aspects of the animal. The first, brighter shade represents the exuberance and joy that is associated with this beautiful creature, but the second, darker shade is representative of progress, change and transformation. Additionally, you’ll notice that the flag here is divided into eight distinct sections. Needless to say, each division represents a separate aspect of Wolfdom. These are Pride, Strength, Solidarity, Wisdom, Courage, Oneness with Nature, Compassion, and Responsibility.

Although the wolf in the center of the banner may not seem to be of a particular species, do not be deceived into thinking that this is some mistake on the part of the designer. In fact, just the opposite is true. This wolf was drawn in such a way as to represent wolves of all species and draw them into a single, unified rendering of all wolves throughout the world. For you see, this creature possesses the snout of the Dire Wolf, the haunches of the Arabian Wolf, the eyes of the Tundra Wolf, the forepaws of the Golden Jackal, the ears of the Maned Wolf, the fur of the Grey Wolf, the teeth of the Alaskan Tundra Wolf, and the tail of the Alexander Archipelago Wolf.

The flag is being raised. The winds of changes begin to blow.

While some of us may be taken in and shown mercy by the newly formed Council of the Wolf, others of us shall surely fall in the countless battles that will rage for years to come as the Race of the United Wolf fights for equal rights in a world in which human ignorance and infrastructure have stripped the creature of its lifeblood. Make no mistake- although I am indeed a human and do not desire the destruction of my own species, I cannot deny the likelihood that we all shall stand on a bloodsoaked patch of soil, staring up at the noisily flapping lupine pennant as hundreds, thousands, nay, millions of howls ignite our ears in a furious victory call.

The dawn of the day that will spell the end of human dominance race is at hand. Decide for yourself what action you will take: Stand and fight, tuck tail and run, or join the wolf and accept a place of submission by his side…

The choice is yours. Quickly, though…. here they come!