Jun 30 2011

#61 “There’s Strength in Numbers”

From Pauline

While you examine this illustration, please consider these aphorisms:

Individually, the drops of water that fall from the sky are capable of no great feat, but combined into a mighty torrent, their power is unmatched.

A single note may be capable of eliciting an emotional response, but this is minuscule when compared to the soul-stirring strength of an entire symphony.

There is potential in a word, but a book of them arranged in the proper order can move mountains and change the course of history.

A single leaf can be crumpled in the palm of a child, but thousands of them overhead have the potential to blot out the rays of the sun, the heavenly body around which our own world revolves.

A single grain of sand may easily go unnoticed by the human eye, but gather up enough of them and you can create a foundation strong enough to support an entire human body… or the strength to bury one.

Each second that passes may seem of no consequence, but when taken together… a lifetime of wonder may be created.

And finally, a single character typed into a word processor may hold no great significance, but arranged in the correct order, a series of them can transform miraculously into the image of one of the most amazing creatures known to man. You see, with this unique illustration, Pauline was not merely content to deliver an average or predictable representation of the lupine. She chose instead to make a larger statement about the power of unity and the importance of strength in numbers. The lesson, my friends, is universal. Whether wolf or human, we must all realize that despite our individual talents or abilities, our power can only be amplified when we work in collaboration with others.