Jan 21 2012

#267 Less is More (22)

From a stranger in an unknown place

The idea of the ancient/enduring wolf being outfitted with modern rocket technology led me on an interesting trip around the Internet where I ultimately stumbled upon this interesting fact. It certainly does make your head spin to realize how swiftly times are changing…

“The small chip inside today’s throwaway musical greeting card has more computing power in it than existed in the entire world prior to 1950.”

~ David D. Thornburg, Ph.D.

Sep 9 2011

#132 “3D Wolf”

From David in Vancouver, Canada

I remember when I was young my overprotective grandmother would continually offer guidance and advice that seemed very obvious and elementary, even to my relatively naive 3rd grade mind. On one day in particular, I remember an urgent warning that if any of my fellow students dared me to stare at the sun for an hour, I should flatly refuse. Now, as I have already said, even as a 3rd grader I realized that staring at the sun for prolonged periods of time would have been anything but beneficial for my wellbeing.

But what does all of this have to do with a 3D illustration of a wolf? Well, simply put, looking at this picture is like staring into the sun, only with one major difference: the more I look at this illustration, the better I feel. Even though this picture is somewhat dark, there is a pleasant brightness that greets my eyes when I look upon it. Simply put, there is a wonderfully perplexing marriage of beauty and savagery presented here that boggles the mind. How can the brain process such wild grace and elegance? How can the eyes comprehend such wild beauty? It’s nearly impossible, but the attempt brings a great sense of satisfaction.

Within the blank eyes of this wolf there is an inherent expression of ferocity, but this is strangely alluring. There is an eagerness in its open mouth, a primal element of the hunt in its predatorial thrusting of its neck, but at the same time, all of this adds up to a beautiful symphony of death. To be eaten by this creature could only be described as a terrifying honor, an orgasmic death of menacing magnificence.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the contribution of this picture to the Wolves by Strangers project marks a watershed event. The wheels are in moving. New ground is being broken. Significant steps are being taken. Now that we have entered the realm of professionally created 3-dimensional wolf illustrations, there’s no telling where we’ll find ourselves next, and there’s no going back.

Thanks again, David, for ushering us into this new realm of lupine discovery.

To see more of David’s fantastic work, visit artworkds.com