Jun 29 2011

#60 “The Third Eye”

From a stranger in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you are a student of beauty and wisdom, you no doubt realize that these traits are capable of revealing themselves in a variety of unorthodox ways. Such is the case with today’s wolf. While the third eye perched ominously on the forehead may give the creature a somewhat foreboding look, it is actually a sign of spiritual enlightenment and clairvoyance.

In a variety of cultures, the representation of a third eye has been associated with a deep psychological significance: the bearer is usually able to perform such tasks as observing and interpreting auras or chakras. This visionary talent has resulted in the bearer of the third eye being often referred to as a “seer.” While teachings regarding the third eye are most prevalent in Hinduism and Buddhism, there are beliefs associated with it that stretch from Mormonism to Japanese martial arts.

What information is this clairvoyant wolf privy to? What does he see in that mind’s eye of his? What higher worlds is he connected with?

So often, we as humans imagine ourselves as the most enlightened beings in this world, but what if this notion is completely false? What if all our technology, advancements, culture, and modern amenities really only serve to separate us from an intrinsic connection to the universe that wild animals innately possess? It may be scary, but maybe we can learn something from this wolf. Maybe he can reveal something to us that goes beyond our tainted view of the world that is clouded with luxury and entertainment.

The journey may not be an easy one, but come, take my hand, let’s take the first step together…