Jun 23 2011

#54 “Gem’s Gem”

From Gem Crombleholme

On the day that this wolf found its way to my email address, the temperature here in Chattanooga was in mid-90s and the humidity was somewhere between 70% and 80%. Needless to say, when I clicked that little inbox button and this wolf popped up before me, I felt a cool phantom breeze flow through the screen and wash over me. I could tell by the thickness of the wolf’s coat and the white fluffy snow underfoot that this wolf had come to me from some near-arctic region and had brought with it a cool wind of relief.

By examining the illustrator’s site and conversing briefly via email, I became very impressed with the work of the artist. Her name is Gem Crombleholme, and you can access her siteĀ here. As it turns out, Gem drew this wolf as part of a book project in which she produced one animal for each letter of the alphabet. What is even more impressive is that each of these fantastic illustrations was completed in just a couple of hours. It’s enough to make one jealous.

Overall, her works are vibrant and playful and present a unique creativity and an inherent truthfulness that make them instantly endearing. They possess that intangible quality which allows them to enthrall children but also hold the attention of adults. If you don’t believe me, check out her post on June 8th, entitled “A Rabbit’s Life.” Ultimately, I believe that Gem’s work displays the idea that there is no such thing as art that is strictly for children or for adults. Every person who is able to see, hear, smell, taste or touch has the capacity to know and appreciate aesthetic beauty in some form, and each person’s appreciation is unique and different. We shouldn’t discriminate or judge works based on a faulty system of a perceived audience. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, whether he be merely 2 years old or 102, but in the end, I think there is one thing we can all agree on: This wolf truly scores an “A” for “Awesome.”