Aug 5 2011

WUTC Interview, Chattanooga Pulse & Website Changes

Dear faithful readership,

I am pleased to make the following announcements:

1. Today I conducted my first radio interview with Garret Crow of WUTC’s prestigious radio program Around and About. The interview will air at both 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11 on 88.1 fm. I hope that you will join in my excitement at this opportunity and that you will, of course, continue to support the noble cause that is public radio.

You can access information about the Around and About program and podcasts here and here.

2. I neglected to inform the WBS community that a short while ago a local graduate school student and talented writer by the name of Cole Rose produced an intensely fascinating article about WBS for the Chattanooga Pulse. An online version of the article may be viewed here. Also, Cole’s capable writing skills have resulted in enough local interest to spur an additional interview which is schedule to appear in the annual Chattanooga Pulse State of the Arts issue which will be distributed in late August. Keep your eyes open to get your copy!

3. As some of you may have noticed, a few changes have been made to the WBS website. As a result, any comments that have been previously made by viewers have unfortunately been lost, along with email subscriptions. I admit that I did shed tears of this tragic loss of input from lupine enthusiasts; however, WBS is now equipped with more “sharing” capabilities through the buttons that you see above and below the posts, and of course email subscriptions and commenting options are still available. I apology sincerely for the inconvenience, but as we know, The Great Wolf giveth and The Great Wolf taketh away. We may not always understand the ways of The Great Wolf, but we must trust its nature; for its divine bride Mother Earth will never steer it amiss.

Along these same lines, be prepared for additional email addresses for WBS in order to help streamline communication.

Stay frisky my friends!