Nov 6 2011

#190 “Nyan Wolf II (Insanity)”

From Antigonus

Two Nyan Wolves in two days? What on earth is going on here?

I can’t rightly say why the wolf artist would seek inspiration in the Nyan Cat, but I can say that the results of this unusual muse are never disappointing. Take for instance the work that is on display today in comparison with yesterday’s post. Both works used the Nyan Cat meme as a sort of guiding light, but the works themselves are vastly different and each appeals to a totally unique side of human nature that almost seems to be in stark contrast to the another. While yesterday’s wolf was cute and cuddly and indulged the softer side of fantasy, this Nyan Wolf by Antigonus appeals to our more primal side and seeks to abate an inborn desire for savagery and ferocity.

This wolf stays true to the original Nyan Cat meme in almost every way, but there is a perversion of the innocence of the original concept that grips the viewers and simply will not let go. When one considers the crazed combination of the wild wolf and the sugary breakfast pastry and then takes into account the My Little Pony “tramp stamp” and rainbow trailer, there’s little question as to why Antigonus decided to call this piece “Insanity.”

Well done, Antigonus.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Salvador Dali that for some reason has stuck in my head ever since I laid eyes on this twisted Nyan Wolf masterpiece: “The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.” Take from this what you will, but please know that you have my sincerest thanks for this uniquely bizarre triumph of pop culture artwork.

Nov 5 2011

#189 “Nyan Wolf”

From Rebecca in Peterborough, UK

When pop culture references can transcend their typically limited boundaries and become applicable in a variety of circumstances, that is when they achieve true greatness. And this, as it just so happens, is exactly what we have before us today with Rebecca’s Nyan Wolf all the way from Peterborough, UK. Knowing that winter is just around the corner, Rebecca carefully and artfully rendered this version of the Nyan Cat to appear with soft and gentle snowflakes falling through a gloomy but calming grey autumnal sky. Additionally, with the holiday season pleasantly bearing down upon us, she takes the traditional Nyan Cat Pop-Tart and cleverly exchanges it with a piece of pie that looks like it would make a great addition to any Christmas spread (or Thanksgiving, if you happen to be American).

And finally, you can’t deny that the transformation of the cat into the figure of a wolf is fitting as well. This little guy is as sweet as the pie that he is made of, and like the Nyan Cat song, when a love for the wolf becomes stuck in your head and in your heart, you know it will be there for quite some time to come. There is true genius at work, Rebecca, and I thank you for adding your own unique spin on this cultural phenomenon. Keep putting your own mark on all that you encounter in life and never stop living with the playful optimism that the Nyan Cat embodies.

Also, as some of you know, I referenced the Nyan Cat in another post that featured a reference to this same meme a little while back. But for those of you who still might be unfamiliar with this unusual phenomenon, I have included the clip below.

Oct 20 2011

#173 “Hello, St. Louis!”

From “Pseudonym” in St. Louis

I have never been to that sensational city known as St. Louis, but it has long been a dream of mine to visit what I believe to be one of the most vibrant and beautiful metropolitan areas in the heart of America. To see that magnificent arch in person, to stroll through Forest Park on a bright and crisp autumn afternoon, to bite into a juicy hotdog at a Cardinals game- how breathtaking it would all be, how wonderfully “American.” So many incredible aspects of this great country seem to converge in this proud city, this “Gateway to the West” that is nestled peacefully between that mysterious border between east and west.

In many ways this mighty conglomeration of a city is a very suitable place to serve as the birthplace of this unique illustration. The reason for this is because this seemingly simple picture is truly a combination of diverse elements. If you take a good look, you’ll notice that this drawing is unique and interesting, but it is also vaguely familiar. Why? Because the two very different elements that converge to form this one illustration are the very likenesses of our old childhood friends Top Cat and Count Chocula. These two entities are far from similar, but on the Saturday mornings of my adolescence, they blended perfectly in a sugar-fueled binge of wonderment.

I know that I have never actually been to St. Louis and therefore my knowledge of the city is derived mostly from a viewpoint of ignorance, but I can say this: If St. Louis is anything like a crazy combination of anthropomorphic children’s cartoon and a sugary breakfast cereal that turns your milk to liquid chocolate, I’m packing my bags today. Break out the air mattress, Pseudonym. Clear a spot off the couch. I’m on my way!

Jun 10 2011

#41 “The Threat”

From Sam

A picture of a wolf flying a plane might be shocking to some, but the most astounding thing about this illustration actually came in the body of the accompanying email. It was there that artist claimed that wolves flying F-16s would most likely be a part of our near future. I had never considered this before, and I must say that I was a bit taken back. I love the lupine, but the thought of this marriage between nature’s most perfect predator and some of the world’s most dangerous technology truly took my breath away. It also got me thinking about what other animals might pose a threat to the human race.

In my research I discovered a page at that details the world’s 10 smartest animals. These creatures are logically the prime suspects in the animal kingdom’s plot to overthrow humans. I have edited the list slightly because “man” was listed as the most intelligent animal of them all, but in order to change the list from “the smartest animals” to “man’s biggest threats,” I elimated man from the list and logically replaced him with the wolf. If you to see the list on which this one is based, you can find it here.

The Animal Kingdom’s 10 Greatest Threats to Mankind:

1. The Wolf: This is for obvious reasons. The wolf is smart, savvy, savage, wild, ferocious and obviously intelligent enough to pilot fighter jets.

2. The Chimp: The genomes of a human and a chimpanzee are at least 98% identical. Also chimps can sometimes perform better on memory tests than humans. Not only this, but if you have seen Amy Winehouse recently, you must concede that chimps are even rivaling some humans in terms of general attractiveness.

3. The Dolphin: These creatures are known for their creative skills and intuitive communicative abilities. Plus, some dolphins have been known to attack and kill sharks by ramming them with their “razor-sharp” noses. A close friend of mine once claimed to have been attacked by a dolphin when it “kicked him in the crotch” at the beach. The result was not pretty, but the jury is still out as to whether or not this was an actual dolphin attack.

4. The Elephant: These monstrous man-killers have gigantic brains are able to empathize and communicate with one another. Let’s just hope they don’t learn to read because if one of them gets a hold of Orwell’s short story “How to Kill and Elephant,” we’re all goners for sure.

5. The Octapus: These slimy sea creatures possess a natural curiosity and problem solving ability that have brought out comparisons between their brains and ours. While we’re trying to figure out whether to call them octapi or octapusses, they’ll be plotting our doom.

6. The Crow: These black demon birds are capable of fashioning and using tools as well as solving relatively complex problems. Also, these natural “bomb droppers” are capable of inflicting terror with both ends: their beaks as well as their bottoms. Never underestimate an animal that is capable of dropping its feces from hundreds of feet above our heads.

7. The Squirrel: The mental map making skills of this deceptive rodent make it a natural enemy of mankind. Plus they have those tiny hands… those clawed, terrifying, tiny hands…

8.  The Dog: We welcome them into our homes and call them our best friends. How naive can we be? These naturally intelligent killing machines could murder us in our sleep at any moment.

9. The Cat: These solitary survivalists would watch us choke to death on a chicken bone without lifting a finger in our favor. They’ve been adapting to various living conditions for nearly 10,000 years; plus, have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse in the throes of death? Brutal.

10. The Pig: The intelligence of a pig rivals that of a chimpanzee. They learn tasks surprisingly quickly and can move the cursor of a video screen with their disgusting little snouts. Not only this, but if you’ve ever seen the movie “Snatch,” you know that a group of pigs can devour an entire human, bones and all, in mere minutes.