May 15 2011

#15 “Camo Wolf”

From Kate

The wolf is a creature of duality in many ways. It is social but independant. It is savage but loving. It is beautiful but terrifying. All of these characteristics of the lobos are relatively well-known and generally accepted; however, there is one aspect of the animal’s dual nature that is just as prevalent as any of these but seems to receive less attention: the notion of the wolf’s skillful camoflauge combined with its undeniable physical presence.

Why is it that the wolf is featured on so many t-shirts as being perched noticably on a rocky promontory with its mouth raised in a howl, poised to pierce the night sky? Well, because anytime a wolf is seen, it overtakes the vision of the observer. When your eyes settle upon a wolf, all else disappears. It is always the most dominating feature of the landscape in which it appears?

But then…why is the wolf also the most popular creature to portray in those illustrations in which the animal is hardly noticeable or seems to blend in with its surroundings? Well, because the wolf is also the master of disguise.

I cannot help to ponder this concept when examining this illustration contributed by Kate. The portrait itself is simple: the landscape is barren and the wolf, due to the nature of the pencil strokes, is hardly noticeable. However, when your eyes settle upon this beautiful creature, there is nothing more captivating. Thank you, Kate, for bringing to our attention the masterful hand of nature in creating an animal so capable of capturing our attention as well as disappearing before our very eyes.