Jun 16 2011

#47 “The UK Couple”

From Tam and Louise in the UK.

I love it when the Wolves by Strangers project brings people together, and in the case of the two pictures that are on display today, I take great pleasure in the fact that a young engaged couple in the UK chose to take a break from the chaos of wedding planning to produce these wonderful illustrations. An email that I received from Tam informed me of the couple’s upcoming nuptials, and I am sure that I speak for everyone reading this when I wish them a life full of happiness and wedded bliss.

Keeping in mind that these wolves were drawn by an engaged couple, I love looking at these pictures and noticing what they inherently suggest about the differences between the sexes.

First examine Louise’s picture: Notice the beautifully dainty features of the bride wolf, how she is adorned with jewelry meant to enhance the natural attractiveness of her features. Her lashes and whiskers are long and inviting, and she is no doubt flashing them about in an effort to entice her groom to desire her even more. She is a prize to be won, a masterpiece of beauty to be kept pure and sacred, a wonderful gift that is worth dying for.

Now notice Tam’s picture: See how he chooses to focus on an American television show whose storyline dealt with a military helicopter that was often engaged in missions of espionage. The wolf’s teeth are sharp and menacing; the eyes are wild in exciting. There is movement, action and adventure in this picture. It is exciting and dangerous and speaks of his inherent desire to be the conqueror and the hero.

These pictures are fundamentally different. But what does this mean? Does this lack of congruency mean that this couple is meant for disaster? Certainly not. If anything, I believe these pictures display a couple that is destined for a lifetime of happiness. I don’t want to adhere to outdated sexual stereotypes, but I do believe that there is a part of every woman that wants to be desired and a part of every man that longs to be the hero and the protector. These features don’t define us as men and women, but they also cannot be denied as a fundamental part of our respective natures, and perhaps an understanding of our fundamental differences will bring us closer together…

Congratulations again, Tam and Louise.