Oct 26 2011

#179 “A Tribute to Belle & Sebastian”

From Madalyn in Auburn Hills, Michigan

If I had to sum up this illustration from Madalyn in only three words, they would be nostalgic, peaceful, and quirky. The word nostalgic fits because of the classic repose in which this wolf is pictured, as well as the unusual but very appropriate coloring of the illustration. You’ll notice that the picture has a bit of a yellowish tint to it, almost as if it had been discovered tucked away in some corner of the attic in the house you grew up in or was lost for years underneath the blankets of your grandmother’s cedar chest.

The word peaceful is fitting simply because of the pleasant calmness that descends upon me when I look at this picture. I can sense the cold, clean air, the scent of evergreen trees and the smoke from a fireplace. I can hear the crunch of snow as it compacts underneath winter-time boots and feel the soft warmth of a fur-lined coat. The picture delivers a simple yet tranquil scene of a wolf in quiet thought, and thus it makes you want to breathe deeply and take in its classic elegance.

But then the word quirky also seems to fit here. The wolf is beautiful yet slightly cartoonish in his features, and we get the sense that this animal is not some brutish beast but is instead an animal more inclined toward silly thoughts and a lighthearted outlook on life.

All in all, these three features remind me quite a bit of a nostalgic, peaceful, quirky indie pop band by the name of Belle & Sebastian whose music seems to deliver an aesthetic experience similar to the one that this illustration offers. As it just so happens, one song in particular seems quite fitting as an accompaniment to this picture. The song is called “Fox in the Snow,” and although the playful ditty is not about a wolf (it is obviously about a fox), I believe it presents a similar sentiment.